Our Weekend Gluten-Free Meal Plans…

I have found that when I am organized about gluten-free meals, my stress over “what to eat,” lessens.

The truth is, probably one of the biggest challenges of having to eat gluten-free is that it is not always easy and convenient.

People without food restrictions can grab something out of the fridge, pantry or freezer and they have their meal.

This is one of my favorite soups to make!

Without some planning, eating gluten-free can be tough.

So today, I wanted to share some gluten-free meal plans to share with you.

I hope you enjoy these tasty meals and side dishes.

Let me know what else you would add to the list!

For Saturday night dinner, we will be doing breakfast for dinner with this delicious French Toast Bake:

Do you enjoy breakfast for dinner?

For Sunday lunch we will be enjoying this delicious meatball recipe:

I like to add some fresh veggies to go with this meal.

And for Sunday Dinner, we will be enjoying this white chicken chili recipe, which is perfect for fall weather!

And we can’t forget a tasty dessert to go with dinner, here is the lemon lush dessert I will be making for Sunday dinner as well:

I would love to hear if you make any of these recipes.

Do you plan out your gluten-free meals?


Christy Lee


This Planner Sheet Will Keep You Happily Organized Every Day!

I love having a planner and a written out calendar to help me organize my life.

However, something that I use even more than my calendar or planner is a notepad planner that has daily checklists.

Bliss Collections Daily Planner

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This particular notepad by Bliss contains the perfect amount of daily tasks to accomplish such as:


-To-Do lists

-Items that MUST get done

-Water intake

-Health & fitness goals

-Meal planning


-Daily Achievements.

I also love the design and graphic layout of this planner sheet.

And the price is the best part!

You can purchase this planner sheet pad for only $7.99!

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I hope this planner sheet helps you to get organized just as it has helped me!



Christy Lee