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6 Reasons Why I Love Using Seint Beauty Products!

I have been using Seint Beauty products since 2018 and I love their products!

In fact, I became a Seint artist shortly after buying the products because I knew I would continue to love and enjoy Seint beauty products.

Where to apply these beautiful products

Here are my top reasons why I love Seint Beauty products:

The foundation looks like skin ! Not big texture spots of foundation.

1- The foundation is cream and looks smooth on the skin, no flakiness.

2- the makeup is simple to apply, as a mom of young children, simplicity is key.

3- It is inexpensive. Yes the overall price upfront seems like a lot. However, the creams last a long time and you simply re-order tins versus an entirely new palette which saves so much money in the long run!

4- Shipping is free!

5- I love all the colors of lip and cheek, eyeshadows, and just all the new products constantly coming out.

6- the two-sided brushes are my favorite! The brushes are high quality and versatile and are all priced at under $40!

I love their new lip and cheeks colors!

As I noted, I’m a Seint artist so please reach out with any questions.

Click here for the shopping link.

We currently only ship to the USA and Canada.

If you’d like a color match email me at:

If I can apply this makeup, anyone can!

Hope you’re all enjoying your week!


Christy Lee

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