The Reason Behind My Children’s Names….Part 1–My Son

No one ever told me how incredibly difficult it can be to name a child!

For my husband and I, naming our son was the hardest to decide on.


It could be because it was our first chid, and he was our son who would carry on the family name, for whatever reason, it was difficult to decide on a name!

When Cade was our only little guy for a while. (Sept. 2016)

Literally we were about to leave the hospital and we knew we needed to decide on a name.

We ended up naming our son “Cade Roger.”

My husband and I both liked the name “Cade.” We both knew only a handful of people names Cade, and had good experiences with them. So after much discussion we chose the name Cade. We decided to spell it with a “C” since my name is spelled with a “C,” as well.

Cade’s middle name is “Roger” after my father…his maternal grandfather.

My dad is one of my heroes, if my son could be like my dad, I would be happy.

Naming my son after my dad made me us happy. My brother has my dad’s middle name, but none of the grandson’s do. Thus, I was grateful to carry on his name.

Even more, since I am the only daughter of my parents, I won’t carry on the last surname, so it seemed even more appropriate, to name my son after my dad.

In Irish Cade means “pure.”

I always love knowing the meaning of a name before deciding on a name and I liked that “pure” was connected with Cade’s name.

The biblical meaning for Roger means “famous warrior.”

I liked both the meanings of my son’s name, I actually feel like it says a lot about his personality.

And today, at six years old, my little Cade Roger fits his name perfectly!

More to come about my daughters and their names soon.


Christy Lee

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