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Sunday Thoughts: Why Serving Others is Key

This quote is very insightful and impactful in many ways:

It’s interesting that of all the things SERVICE truly does uplift us human beings when we are in the depths of despair.

I have thought about this a lot, and analyzed it for years.

Why Service?

I believe it actually goes deeper than being selfless.

Yes serving others is a selfless act, therefore, service helps us to forget about our own worries and concerns and helps us to re-focus on something else.

And yet, even more than selflessness…I believe service is at the root of who we are and what we are becoming.

What is the ultimate goal?

It is to be Christlike.

Christ served others his entire life. In fact, His entire meaning and mission on this earth was to serve us all—to the ultimate degree.

Service helps us to step into the direction of our Savior. Service helps us to grow and to discipline ourselves.

I know for me personally, service opportunities don’t always come at the most convenient time.

However, I believe sometime we are tested with service opportunities. Are we going to jump at the opportunity to serve when it seems complicated, or are we going to wait ’til service is more convenient?

As we strive to be closer to Christ, we realize that service is truly the key to happiness.

And of course personal growth is important in this life, but isn’t serving others and uplifting others perhaps the best type of personal growth out there?

I believe if the world could have this viewpoint, so many of our world problems could be solved.

human hands forming heart on white surface
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Instead of wallowing in our disparities, if we turned to service among our fellow men, what a happier and brighter world it would be.

So I challenge you just as I am challenging myself, next time you feel a bit down, or frustrated, forgot your OWN issue, and think of someone you can serve.

I think you will be amazed and the lives blessed by turning to service.

And I know you will feel closer to Christ as you serve his fellow men.


Christy Lee