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Fall Self-Care List/FREE PRINTABLE

Fall always seems like a great time to slow life down a bit and relax.

There is something about the weather cooling down that tends to remind me to relax and enjoy life.

One of the many things I tend to struggle with as a mom to little children, is self-care.

red leaf trees near the road
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I am constantly reminding myself to take care of my soul, so I can serve others more efficiently.

It’s not selfish to take care of ourselves, self-care is key to finding peace in life.

Do you forget to “take care of yourself?”

Let me know if I’m not alone in putting myself on the back burner at times.

It’s easy to forget to take care of that person in the mirror, but hopefully this fall you can check some of these items off your list.

I would love to have you follow along in my Fall Challenge of “Fall Self Care.”

Enjoy this free printable.

Even more, enjoy this wonderful season!


Christy Lee


The Reason Behind My Children’s Names….Part 1–My Son

No one ever told me how incredibly difficult it can be to name a child!

For my husband and I, naming our son was the hardest to decide on.


It could be because it was our first chid, and he was our son who would carry on the family name, for whatever reason, it was difficult to decide on a name!

When Cade was our only little guy for a while. (Sept. 2016)

Literally we were about to leave the hospital and we knew we needed to decide on a name.

We ended up naming our son “Cade Roger.”

My husband and I both liked the name “Cade.” We both knew only a handful of people names Cade, and had good experiences with them. So after much discussion we chose the name Cade. We decided to spell it with a “C” since my name is spelled with a “C,” as well.

Cade’s middle name is “Roger” after my father…his maternal grandfather.

My dad is one of my heroes, if my son could be like my dad, I would be happy.

Naming my son after my dad made me us happy. My brother has my dad’s middle name, but none of the grandson’s do. Thus, I was grateful to carry on his name.

Even more, since I am the only daughter of my parents, I won’t carry on the last surname, so it seemed even more appropriate, to name my son after my dad.

In Irish Cade means “pure.”

I always love knowing the meaning of a name before deciding on a name and I liked that “pure” was connected with Cade’s name.

The biblical meaning for Roger means “famous warrior.”

I liked both the meanings of my son’s name, I actually feel like it says a lot about his personality.

And today, at six years old, my little Cade Roger fits his name perfectly!

More to come about my daughters and their names soon.


Christy Lee

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Have You Tried This Delicious Fruit Salad?

If you have bananas, pineapple, and heavy cream….you have the main items for this delicious fruit salad.

Growing up, my grandmother made this fruit salad and I absolutely loved the flavoring!

And now today, my own family loves this fruit salad.

yellow banana fruits on brown surface
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This fruit salad will be on the menu for Sunday dinner tomorrow and I wanted to share it with you as well.

And of course, it’s naturally gluten-free.

I hope you enjoy it!


Christy Lee


This Water Bottle Has Been The Best For Keeping Me Hydrated Through the Day!

Do you want to drink more water, but find that you just aren’t quite getting enough?

This water bottle has been perfect for keeping me hydrated through the day.

I fill the water bottle up each morning, and then I have small goals of drinking water through the day.

This water bottle is not expensive, only $13.59, and I feel healthier and happier getting enough water intake!

To purchase this cute, and motivating water bottle, click here.

Good luck to staying hydrated!


Christy Lee

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This Podcast Episode Is Incredible!

I love to listen to podcasts.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m picky about podcasts. If I don’t like it, I won’t continue to listen.

I almost didn’t listen to this podcast episode because it mentioned that the story talks about loss, and I don’t always love hearing about that. My emotions just flow too much.

But as I started to listen to this podcast I knew I needed to continue listening .

I’m so glad I listened to this podcast because it reminded me how connected we truly are to each other.

How we are the answer to others’ prayers.

Please listen by clicking below and let me know what you learned!


Christy Lee


Fall Decor Items On My “Must-Have” List for Under $20!

I absolutely love decorating for fall! I love the color schemes and the fun designs.

Even better? I love a great price for cute decorations.

Below I have hand-picked some of my very favorite Fall decorations.

Enjoy Shopping!

Disclosure: this blog contains affiliate links. This means that I get commission from any link you click on…but of course it’s at no cost to you!

Fall Itty Bitties

These cute fall Itty bitties come in a set of two.

All the designs are extremely cute it’s hard to choose just two!

Which two would you choose?

And for the price of only $13.99, you can’t pass them up!

To purchase, click here

Fall Felt Banner

Fall banners can be cute on an entry way table, mantle, or a variety of other areas in the house.

What I love about these felt banners is that there is a great variety to choose from. They are all so cute!

For the price of only $12.99, you can’t go wrong with this adorable banner.

To purchase, click here

Halloween Wall Bats

These cute bats can be a fun, added touch to anywhere in the house for Halloween.

The price is only $12.99, and they come in a pack of 28.

To purchase, click here .

It’s Fall Y’all Inspos

These cute paper prints come in a variety of looks and print sizes.

Whether you want something that is very “farmhouse” look, or something for simple fall decor, there are plenty to choose from.

And at the price of only $3.76, don’t wait to buy these cute prints!

To purchase, click here.

Fall Wood Beads

These cute wood beads add such a perfect fall look.

Wooden beads are a great decor item for anywhere in the house.

These beads are priced at only $15.49

To purchase, click here.

What decor items are your favorite?

Happy Fall!


Christy Lee


Gluten-Free Tip of the Week

It may seem simple, but the more people you follow who live and eat gluten-free, the more ideas and support you receive.

We are in a world of technology, where so many answers are at our fingertips.

So my advice is to find people on instragram with helpful gluten free recipes, or find a celiac support page on facebook, create a gluten-free pinterest board….the list goes on, just get looking!

Living gluten-free doesn’t have to be hard and limiting.

There are a variety of gluten-free resources out there, go find them and enjoy the connections you make!

To find me on instagram go to @christyleepixx


Christy Lee


Why This Spray Bottle Is One of My Favorite Things That I Have Bought Online…

I have had this spray bottle for over a year now and I use it EVERY single day!

I love this spray bottle!

This spray bottle is a continuing mist spray bottle.

Here are ways you will love and utilize this spray bottle:

  1. Little children’s’ hair. This spray bottle is wonderful for little kids hair because it sprays the hair down quickly. I love this spray bottle for my kids’ hair because little kids tend to have fine hair, and wetting the hair down quickly can make the hair more manageable to style. After using this spray bottle, there is no going back!
  2. Watering plants: This spray bottle could also be used to water plants, and it works very efficiently!
  3. Cleaning and Wiping down counters: This spray bottle can be great to use when cleaning and can help the cleaning process be more productive.

The Spray Bottle/Mist Sprayer

If you don’t have this spray bottle yet, you will love it.

Click here to purchase it for only $6.99!

Hope you enjoy one of my favorite items!


Christy Lee

human hands forming heart on white surface

Sunday Thoughts: Why Serving Others is Key

This quote is very insightful and impactful in many ways:

It’s interesting that of all the things SERVICE truly does uplift us human beings when we are in the depths of despair.

I have thought about this a lot, and analyzed it for years.

Why Service?

I believe it actually goes deeper than being selfless.

Yes serving others is a selfless act, therefore, service helps us to forget about our own worries and concerns and helps us to re-focus on something else.

And yet, even more than selflessness…I believe service is at the root of who we are and what we are becoming.

What is the ultimate goal?

It is to be Christlike.

Christ served others his entire life. In fact, His entire meaning and mission on this earth was to serve us all—to the ultimate degree.

Service helps us to step into the direction of our Savior. Service helps us to grow and to discipline ourselves.

I know for me personally, service opportunities don’t always come at the most convenient time.

However, I believe sometime we are tested with service opportunities. Are we going to jump at the opportunity to serve when it seems complicated, or are we going to wait ’til service is more convenient?

As we strive to be closer to Christ, we realize that service is truly the key to happiness.

And of course personal growth is important in this life, but isn’t serving others and uplifting others perhaps the best type of personal growth out there?

I believe if the world could have this viewpoint, so many of our world problems could be solved.

human hands forming heart on white surface
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Instead of wallowing in our disparities, if we turned to service among our fellow men, what a happier and brighter world it would be.

So I challenge you just as I am challenging myself, next time you feel a bit down, or frustrated, forgot your OWN issue, and think of someone you can serve.

I think you will be amazed and the lives blessed by turning to service.

And I know you will feel closer to Christ as you serve his fellow men.


Christy Lee