Back to School Items for Moms For Under $25!

Yes all the school kids are getting “back to school” items but I feel that mom deserves to splurge a bit too!

Here are a few cute items I would highly recommend for all the moms out there.

You moms work hard and you deserve a shopping spree yourself!

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Melanin Watercolor Hear Soft T-shirt

This adorable t shirt looks not only comfortable, but is cute and stylish!

At the price of only $18.99, you can’t beat this adorable look!

To purchase, click here

Matte Claw Hair Clips

Clips are back in! And these adorable hair clips are super fun and cute!

At the price of only $12.99 for 2 pieces, you’ll love how these look in your hair!

To purchase, click here.

Stylish Layered Bracelets

These adorable layered bracelets would look cute with any outfit.

Which one do you prefer, gold or silver?

These bracelets are very timeless and versatile.

The price of these cute bracelets is only $14.99

To purchase, click here

Pearl Accented Velvet Headbands:

A headband can add so much style and color to any outfit.

These cute headbands come in a variety of colors too!

The price of these headbands is only $13.99

What color would you choose?

To purchase, click here.

Quilted Platform Sneakers

These cute sneakers are stylish and fashionable!

These shoes come in a variety of colors.

The price of these shoes is only $22.99

To purchase, click here.

Hollywood Lip & Cheek

Seint Beauty products has beautiful lip and cheek colors.

These colors come in a magnetic tins and they are cream –so they last a long time.

The color Hollywood is a beautiful pink color, one of the most popular colors sold.

Adding a lip and cheek color to your makeup routine adds so much to your everyday look!

Only ships to the USA and Canada

The price of these gorgeous lip and cheek color is $14.00

To purchase, click here.

What else would you add to this back to school list ?

Hope you enjoy your time shopping!


Christy Lee

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