As I Lay You Down To Sleep: A Mother’s Poem

As I lay you down to sleep, your eyes are closed,

You don’t make a peep.

I linger there by your bed for a while,

Just taking you in, it makes this mom smile.

I see the beauty of your face,

I look at every special and unique characteristic that makes you full of beauty and grace,

I study your body to watch it breathing,

To be reminded by what a blessing it is, that I get to raise this incredible human being .

My sweet 1 year old baby girl Taya

I look at you and smile as I think of the funny and cute little things you say.

I look at your hair that’s far from in place, it reminds me of all the fun we have had that day.

As I lay you down to sleep,

I try not cry, or to make a peep.

I recognize how fast you’ve grown,

That newborn babe that I once held tight to my chest,

Is far from gone, and you’ve developed into a beautiful, bright and talented soul.

I think of your qualities, your quirks, your temper,

I think of the amazing talents that you are yet to discover.

I think of how perfect you are there, just laying so still,

A blessing that only a parent can tell.

Me with my son Cade who is 6 years old

As I lay you down to sleep, my emotions engulf my soul.

For I know there are only so many sleeps where I am here with you.

I know that time ticks fast and quick, and sooner than I want, you will grow.

Something that never will change with time, is the love I have for your beautiful soul.

So that is why I must take you in, every bit of you, when you’re fast asleep.

I must capture everything about you,

Because as morning comes, you’re one day older, and one day closer to that grown up you.

As I lay you down to sleep, I breathe in with a breath of gratitude and love.

My sweet girls, Makell 4 yrs and Taya 1 year old.

Our God above has blessed me to parent you in life,

And my heart could burst with love.

Yes, as I lay you down to sleep,

I love to look at the amazing beauty you radiate.

I love you my child, my sleeping babe. Forever you will be the most beautiful little soul I will ever watch grow.

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