What Being American Means to Me….

Freedom doesn’t come Free,

Freedom comes at immense Sacrifice.

To live life in a prosperous country took much work,

Our nation has grown over time.

flag of u s a standing near a tombstone
Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

Growth came with many battles and heartaches.

Growth came with many lives lost.

And yet, through that growth we have learned a lot.

Through that growth, we have seen peace and dreams come true.

Through that growth we have seen success and hope.

Is our country still growing?


Is there still heartache and trials to fight in our country?


And yet, if we can all come together, and look at a place like Arlington Cemetery, and see just what exactly has been and continues to be sacrificed for our country….

We will see that this country is TRULY BLESSED.

statue of liberty
Photo by Daniel Bendig on Pexels.com

The United State of America has been and will forever be such a blessed country to me, because I realize, that Freedom never comes FREE.

Blood, sweat, tears, pain, suffering and even death is what brought us freedom.

This country was founded by the right to have freedom but to also always remember the high price and the cost of freedom.

So what does my country mean to me?

A blessing of freedom that was paid at a priceless cost.

Just think of how many lost their lives, so that we can live ours freely

Just think of how many that lost their lives …all that they could have been….

But they weren’t …because they wanted US to be what they could have been.


A sacrifice we can never quite repay…except to be an outstanding US citizen, who works hard and finds success.

Yes, the USA is the land where dreams come true because of the brave men and women that made that possible.

I will forever be grateful to raise my family in America, in a country of freedom and peace.

And I will forever be proud to be an American, for endless reasons, but mostly, because of the wonderful people that laid down Their lives and Their opportunities and Their rights, so that we could be blessed with ALL things.

Happy 4th of July!


Christy Lee