As I Lay You Down To Sleep: A Mother’s Poem

As I lay you down to sleep, your eyes are closed,

You don’t make a peep.

I linger there by your bed for a while,

Just taking you in, it makes this mom smile.

I see the beauty of your face,

I look at every special and unique characteristic that makes you full of beauty and grace,

I study your body to watch it breathing,

To be reminded by what a blessing it is, that I get to raise this incredible human being .

My sweet 1 year old baby girl Taya

I look at you and smile as I think of the funny and cute little things you say.

I look at your hair that’s far from in place, it reminds me of all the fun we have had that day.

As I lay you down to sleep,

I try not cry, or to make a peep.

I recognize how fast you’ve grown,

That newborn babe that I once held tight to my chest,

Is far from gone, and you’ve developed into a beautiful, bright and talented soul.

I think of your qualities, your quirks, your temper,

I think of the amazing talents that you are yet to discover.

I think of how perfect you are there, just laying so still,

A blessing that only a parent can tell.

Me with my son Cade who is 6 years old

As I lay you down to sleep, my emotions engulf my soul.

For I know there are only so many sleeps where I am here with you.

I know that time ticks fast and quick, and sooner than I want, you will grow.

Something that never will change with time, is the love I have for your beautiful soul.

So that is why I must take you in, every bit of you, when you’re fast asleep.

I must capture everything about you,

Because as morning comes, you’re one day older, and one day closer to that grown up you.

As I lay you down to sleep, I breathe in with a breath of gratitude and love.

My sweet girls, Makell 4 yrs and Taya 1 year old.

Our God above has blessed me to parent you in life,

And my heart could burst with love.

Yes, as I lay you down to sleep,

I love to look at the amazing beauty you radiate.

I love you my child, my sleeping babe. Forever you will be the most beautiful little soul I will ever watch grow.


Some Days I Pray For…

Every single day of our lives we can count on one thing, each day will be different.

Will each day be drastically different?


However, there will be some days that may rock us to the core. Days that will test our faith and will cut us deep.

Then again, there will be other days that are wonderful, and beautiful, and unimaginably amazing.

Of course, there are some subtle ebbs and flows as each new day comes.

And yet, I do know this.

Each and every day our prayers are important.

Our prayers will bring us peace and love. Our prayers to our Heavenly Father can help us through hard days, ordinary days, and amazing days.

Despite it all, those constant prayers are the key to an ever enduring faith in all the varying days we have in this life.


Christy Lee

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Why It’s Fine If You Don’t Complete Your “To-Do” List For the Day.

We have all had those days, those days where not much gets completed in your mind and you think back and say “what did I get accomplished today?”

Well—- the fact that you did the basics through the day is great!

Just take a minute to breathe!

It doesn’t always matter how many chores we get done, or how much work is accomplished on a day.

Somedays we need “off” days.

Somedays … we need a break.

And no guilt needs to be associated with a break.

Am I saying everyone should be lazy?


Just saying, that somedays .. we all need a break from busy life.

I hope you can take this to heart today and everyday!


Christy Lee


5 Tops You Will Love Adding to Your Wardrobe for Under Thirty-Five Dollars!

With summer in full swing, it is officially t- shirt season!

I have gathered together some of my favorite t-shirts and tops!

I am always looking for a great deal so you won’t see any tees or tops priced higher than thirty-five dollars!

This summer has been exceptionally hot, so a nice t-shirt can not only look nice, but it can feel nice while enduring this heat wave.

Enjoy your shopping!

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Lemon Tees

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So when I found these cute tees I had to add them to the list.

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Rolled Sleeve Sunflower Print TEE

This cute, and basic sunflower tee is perfect for summer and fall.

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This Tee comes in a variety of colors!

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Olivia Textured Stripe Top

Sometimes just a simple texture adds so much style to a shirt. This shirt has just that…a stylish yet simple texture!

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Which one is your favorite?


Christy Lee


Taking in the little moments with our sweet children….

Just yesterday I had an amazing moment with my adorable children.

My children are: 5, 4, and 1 year old. Life is so beautiful with them but it is definitely hard at times.

Last night, as I was trying to settle my kids down for a story and then bedtime..my oldest two started running from the front door, over to me on the couch.

I was holding my little 1 year old daughter and you better believe she wanted in on the fun.

So my little one year old started running with her older siblings, she would get half way and quickly turn around to come back to me. She didn’t want to run all the way to the door because she wanted to have the chance to keep up with her older siblings who are currently taller and faster than her.

For at least ten minutes the kids were just running together.

Smiling together.

Laughing together.

My 3 little munchkins

And just enjoying each other.

As a mother, watching these kids enjoy running together warmed my heart.


Because I loved seeing my children, enjoy each other. I love seeing these cute siblings bond and spend time together.

Even more, knowing that these little children have each other to grow up with made my heart explode.

What a blessing it is to have siblings and to enjoy great moments together.

heart hand on shallow focus lens
Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels.com

As a mother, it’s even more wonderful to see these little children create friendships with each other that will last a lifetime.

It also reminded me, to enjoy the little moments. These little ones grow incredibly fast and these little moments are the highlights we will look back on.


Christy Lee


Gluten-Free Tip: Don’t Focus on What You CAN’T Eat, Focus on What You CAN Eat!

Yes whether you’re gluten intolerant or have celiacs disease, living a gluten-free lifestyle can definitely be difficult at times.

Sometimes, a gluten-free lifestyle can feel like you are extremely limited in what you can eat.

Yes, flour and wheat are foods that are found in MANY food products.

However, in today’s world there are SO many gluten-free options.

flat lay of letter shaped cookies
Photo by Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent on Pexels.com

Yes it may take a bit more planning and a bit more time grocery shopping, but made sure you set your mind to realizing that you have so many food options in today’s gluten-free world.

If you study anything about mindset you know just how very powerful the mind is.

When you focus solely on all the foods you miss eating, or that you wish were gluten-free….quickly replace those thoughts with your favorite foods that are gluten-free or some new gluten-free options that you are enjoying.

Mindset is everything with a gluten-free lifestyle.

So what if you bring your own bread to the party?

At least you have gluten-free bread right?

sharing cherry tomatoes
Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Shop at different grocery stores…diversify your food options and you will see just how blessed we are to live in a time when gluten-free options are widely available.

It takes practice to not feel disheartened about gluten-free living, but over time, with a lot of work…you will see that gluten-free living with a positive outlook is possible.

Best of luck on your journey!


Christy Lee