The Best Thing We Can Do Over Memorial Day Is To Spend Time With Our Loved Ones..

Did you spend time with loved ones this past weekend?

We did.

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember our lost and fallen heroes, as well as a time to embrace our freedoms.

In my mind, the best freedom that we have is not only living in this Country, the wonderful USA.

The best freedom, is the freedom to live and love our friends and family and to create memories with them.

Many of those fallen soldiers, that sacrificed their lives for our freedom, were young.

flag of u s a standing near a tombstone
Photo by Sharefaith on Pexels.com

Many of these fallen soldiers had a huge portion of their lives ahead of them.

Many of these fallen soldiers were looking forward to getting married, being parents, accomplishing much in their career, and more than anything…MAKING MEMORIES WITH LOVED ONES.

When life was cut short for these fallen soldiers, they knew our freedom was worth sacrificing all their future dreams and goals.

And in my mind, it’s key that we prioritize making memories with those we love.

Money and material things aren’t the key to happiness, they never have been.

It’s the loved ones and the memories created, that these fallen soldiers would have hoped that we prioritized in life.

A reminder for us all, to utilize our time wisely.

Yes we have to work, yes we have to clean, but hopefully, our main focus, is spending time with loved ones.


Christy Lee

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