An LDS Book Recommendation That Changed My Viewpoint On The Atonement.

A book that I recommend to truly anyone, and especially members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the book entitled “The Infinite Atonement,” By Tad R. Callister.

This book about the atonement was truly a blessing for me to read for so many reasons.

Overall, this book helped me understand how the atonement of Jesus Christ works and how the atonement impacts our lives every single day.

The author, Tad R. Callister, has such a vast religious knowledge and he writes in detail so beautifully on every aspect of the atonement.

The Infinite Atonement helps us understand why and how we must forgive others, as well as forgive ourselves.

The Infinite Atonement helped me to view the atonement of Jesus Christ at a different level.

This is a book that I feel like I personally could read every year and learn something new and inspiring from the book every single time.

If you haven’t yet read this book, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of “The Infinite Atonement.”

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Christy Lee

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