My Top 4 Favorite Instagramers for Budgeting/Frugal Living

If you are following, this months challenge is to: Budget and Save Money.

20 days of Budgeting…grab this free printable and follow along with us!

It is not easy to change financial/money habits over night, we all know this.

Learning by example is very helpful, and I love learning from others that have seen success with budgeting their lives.

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Hence, I wanted to share my top 4 favorite instagram accounts on budgeting/saving money!

If you have any other budgeting instagram accounts that you love, please share!

Enjoy saving money today, I know you can do it!

Top 4 Favorite Budgeting Instagram Accounts:

@jordanpage and her company is @funcheaporfree -Jordan Page has been incredibly success with budgeting and frugal living and she has constant resources and insight that can help anyone save money and budget!

@thebudgetmom– Kumiko Love is a money expert and if you are a mom you can relate to her and her lifestyle. She can guide you on the path of being smart with your money!

@daveramsey– If you don’t follow Dave Ramsey on instagram, you should! He is the MASTER of how to save and build money, I highly recommend following him for budgeting tips and tricks.

@the.budget.blonde-I love all the graphics that this budgeting instagrammed provides! Her posts can get someone to think for a minute about needs versus wants. I appreciate her insight on saving money and I believe you will too!


Christy Lee

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