20 Days of Budgeting/Free Printable

This month my personal focus is to budget and save money. And I want YOU to join me!

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Do you keep a budget?

There are many great budget apps available, but the one that we have found has worked best for our family is from Dave Ramsey called “Everydollar.”

So what is the goal this month?

To keep a budget for at least 20 days. Use whatever budget app you’d like, just make sure to budget!

Besides tracking the budget, I have provided a FREE printable of financial goals to help save money for the month.

One of the BIG focuses with this budget challenge, is thinking about the small things that tend to add up!

This quote:

Doesn’t this quote speak volumes! It’s not always that we are spending money on a HUGE shopping spree to the mall, perhaps it’s those weekly Amazon boxes that come.

Or maybe it’s going out to eat more than once a week?

Bottom line, this challenge for 20 days can be a great “eye-opening” experience for all of us.

Will you join me?!

I provide the free printable at the bottom of this post. I just wanted to address something called shelf-cooking. Shelf cooking is something I learned from Fun Cheap or Free. Shelf cooking is where you look in your pantry or refridgerator shelves, and cook up something with ingredients you already have. Shelf cooking costs ZERO money and takes care of the excuse of going to a restaurant or picking up fast food for dinner.

So click here for the FREE PRINTABLE and lets SAVE some money this month!


Comment Below with what you do to SAVE money each month!


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