Free Apps I Use On My Phone Everyday…

It’s been quite a few months since I did an app update, so I felt like it was time to share some of those apps I use daily on my phone.

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  1. Interval Timer: this is a free app that helps people with circuit training and workouts. You can create your own interval times, which makes it so much easier to do any sort of interval training. Go grab it!

2. Signal: We have found that signal is a great way to text and communicate with each other as a family. What we really enjoy about signal is that the videos sent are much clearer than when sent through regular text messaging. This is also free so check it out!

3. My Fitness Pal: As I am working on getting back to pre-baby-weight, tracking my food on My fitness pal has been awesome! This free app keeps me in check with what I am eating and I love it! Not only is this app free, but it’s easy and simple to use!

4. WordPress: The wordpress app is another free app, and if you happen to blog through wordpress, it’s such a wonderful resource to have. The wordpress app makes it possible to post a blog post, check stats, and more. I check this app daily and it’s so handy to have on my phone!

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5. Renpho: I have mentioned this app before with a fitness post, but the renpho app goes hand-in-hand with my renpho scale. I absolutely love this app because it not only shows your weight, it also shows your metabolic age, body fat percentage, trends, and more. I purchased the scale on Amazon for about $30.00 and this free app that comes with the scale is wonderful!

6. Gospel Library: As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this gospel library app is amazing! Not only does this app have the scriptures, it has the ensign, hymn book, church handbooks, a place for notes, study plans and more. I read my scriptures and mark them through this app every night and love it. And of course –it’s free!

So now the question is, what free apps do you use on your phone everyday?

I would love to hear in the comments below.

Also, I hope sharing these free apps can be helpful to you.

This will be a continual topic of conversation on the blog.

Until next time!


Christy Lee

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