Some of My Favorite Seint Makeup Items that are a “Must” in my Makeup Bag:

I have been using Seint Makeup for the past two years and I love the products.

It is very hard to pick a few of my favorite Seint items, but here are the items that I felt anyone and everyone would love!

*Note-Seint products currently only ship to the USA and Canada.

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  1. Bella Bronzer:

This cream bronzer is hands-down the best bronzer I have ever used. The color tone of this bronzer adds such a beautiful glow to the face. I personally use this product all year round.

To purchase click here.

Price: $14.00

2. Blush/Bronzer Brush:

This brush is two-sided (they all are), and it blends amazingly! There is one side that is more dense and it’s perfect for blush and bronzer. The big fluffy side it amazing to blend everything in beautifully.

I feel like everyone should have this brush in their makeup kit!

To purchase this brush, click here.

Price: $36.00

3. Bright Eyes Eyeshadow:

The reason I love bright eyes is because it is flattering on all eyelids…why?

Because it has a subtle shimmer to it that enhances any eye color.

If you don’t like to wear a lot of eyeshadow combos at once, bright eyes is perfect alone.

Just swipe bright eyes across the lid and you will have a subtle, yet beautiful eyeshadow look!

Price: $12.00

To purchase bright eyes, click here.

4. Brush Cleanser

Is it terrible to admit that I didn’t used to clean my brushes all that much?!

It makes me cringe thinking about it now, because our makeup brushes harbor so much bacteria that can be damaging to swipe across out face!

I love Seint’s Brush cleanser.

The brush cleanser is very simple and easy to use.

Simply spray the cleanser onto the brushes, swipe the brushes off on a paper towel or microfiber cloth….and the brushed dry quite quickly.

These cleaner has lasted many quite a few months too!

Price: $24.00

To purchase the brush cleanser, click here.

5. Georgia Illuminator

The Georgia illuminator is so beautiful and provides a gorgeous glow to the face.

Illuminator is lightly placed on the high point of our cheek bones, on our brow bones, down the tip of our nose, and on our cupids bow.

If I have to choose….which is very hard, I would say that anyone and everyone can pull off wearing this beautiful illuminator.

Price: $16.00

To purchase this illuminator, click here.

6. Frenchie Lip & Cheek

The reason I love Frenchie lip and cheek is not just because it’s a beautiful pink for the lips and cheek, but also–this color acts as an undereye concealer!

If you lightly tap some Frenchie under the eye…you will see how well this color can conceal and cover up under eye bags. Who doesn’t love that!

I would suggest Frenchie for anyone and everyone!

Price: $14.00

To purchase Frenchie, click here.

Let me know if you have any questions about these Seint products…I am happy to help!


Christy Lee

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