On the 3rd Day of Christmas, A Gift Idea for You!

So again, shipping is not going to work in time.

So instead, let’s think outside the box.

What is a great gift, that doesn’t seem too last minute (even though it somewhat is at this point?;)

An over night stay at an airbnb!

There are so many wonderful airbnb venues to choose from right now.

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Photo by Andrea Davis on Pexels.com

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Even with it being a pandemic year, these airbnb venues have strict guidelines for staying and keeping their venues clean and sanitary.

The prices range from quite low to very high. And depending on where you live, there are many options!

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Photo by Alexander on Pexels.com

It may take a good minute to sit down and choose the right airbnb…but when that special someone unwraps a paper that says “Free airbnb stay” etc. You know choosing the right airbnb will be worth it!

To find and purchase an airbnb click here!

Good luck and more to come tomorrow!


Christy Lee

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