On the 4th Day of Christmas, A Gift Idea for You..

At this point we are getting a bit too late for shipping to make it in time for Christmas.


We aren’t too late for something else …

Buying someone a YEARS worth of menu plans!

The Six Sisters, have wonderful menu plans you can buy for $8.33 a month or $99.96 for the year!

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These menu plans are wonderful because they provide 6 days worth of meal recipes all year long. The plans also include grocery items you will need to buy for the week to make the meals. It provides some side meals along with the dinner meals, and they taste great!

Then you will never wonder what to fix for dinner...and even better, you can print off the recipes and have an entirely new recipe book to use!

They have a variety of meal plans: gluten-free, healthy, and family-friendly meals.

I did this meal plan one year and LOVED it! I still go back to many of the recipes!

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All you have to do is purchase the meal plan for the year, and you could print off a week’s work of meal plans as the gift. Somehow make sure that the person you are giving this gift to knows that they get meal plans for the entire year!

To purchase, click here.

I hope this is a fun, last minute gift idea!

More tomorrow!


Christy Lee

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