This is a Fun Netflix Series !

If you like HGTV, or anything along the lines of home makeover .. you’ll love this fun series on Netflix…

The series is called “Dream Home Makeover.”

The McGee’s are the couple behind the dream home makeover and they are very talented.

The rooms and homes are remodeled to perfection and I’ve been an awe of how beautiful they can transform a room.

I may be partial but this couple resides in Utah (so do I), so it’s been fun to see familiar areas when they have designed new homes.

Just another favorite series to add to your Netflix list!


Christy Lee

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Ways to get Motivated

It can be easy to lose motivation in many aspects of life.

Between fitness, nutrition, cleaning,’s easy to lose motivation.

So here are …ways to get motivated no matter what you are doing.

1. Write down your goals where you can see them

write them on a mirror, or a sticky note, somewhere where you can see your goals.

2. Keep yourself accountable.

Check in with someone your close to. Even if it’s as simple as trying to clean one item in the house everyday.. check in with someone and tell them what you accomplished.

3. Reward yourself.

It doesn’t even need to be a monetary reward, but something speaks to our brains when we have a reward at the end of a task.

Perhaps your reward is watching Netflix for thirty minutes after you complete doing the dishes.

Rewards make things fun.

4. Allow space for failure. Because it happens.

Sometimes, you don’t meet your goals or you can’t seem to be motivated the way you want.

Remind yourself that you’re human, and no one is perfect.

Accept that no one is perfect at staying motivated .. and choose to do better tomorrow.

5. Make the process fun.

Whatever you are tying to stay motivated about .. Keep the process fun. If you’re trying to stay motivated about working out, switch up the workouts and find workouts that you enjoy.

If you’re trying to stay motivated about cleaning the house, listen to music or a podcast while you clean.

Make the process fun!

Human beings are far more apt to do ANYTHING when there is a fun, entertainment factor connected.

Hopefully these tips can help you to stay motivated!

I would love to hear what helps you to stay motivated in the comments below.


Christy Lee