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My Mantra for life and why I love it…

Do you have a “Mantra” in your life?

If not, I would suggest you finding a mantra that fits you and that you can live by.

A mantra is a great reminder of how you want to live your life.

So what is my mantra?

“Faith Not Fear.”

When did this become my mantra?

Back in my early twenties I saw a very cute sign that said “Faith Not Fear,” and it stood out to me so much I had to buy it.

I looked at that sign a lot as I navigated being single.

“Faith Not Fear” helped me through grad school and working full-time.

This mantra was put to the test when we were undergoing a health diagnoses for my two-year old son.

I remember specifically having a discussion with my husband as we were going to get my son screened for cancer–which is every mother’s nightmare right?! My husband reminded me to lean more on the side of Faith and not on the side of Fear.

We were blessed to find out that my son did not have cancer, he had something called Periodic Fever Syndrome, and it still interrupts his life, but we live in Faith hoping it will continue to improve and that he will be a healthy, happy boy.

Fast forward to the fall of 2019 when my baby girl came early due to a heart condition…my husband and I again leaned on the mantra of “Faith Not Fear.”

During the Pandemic and the “unknowns” that come along with Covid-19, again, my mantra has helped me push onward and remember “Faith Not Fear.”

Or this past spring when Salt Lake City had a 5.7 earthquake with MANY large aftershocks, I had to teach my children my mantra of “Faith NOT Fear.”

You see, naturally, I am a very anxious and pessimistic person. I don’t like that side of myself, but it seems that my brain always turns to the worst case scenarios… and I KNOW it’s not good.

Finding my mantra to have FAITH, and not FEAR has truly been a blessing in my life. It pushes me everyday to remember to be strong.

I value my religious belief in God in my life, and by having Faith in all that happens in my life, is truly what helps me live life to it’s fullest every single day.

So I challenge you… find your mantra.

What can help you the most in life?

What represents you?

What lifts you up and makes you a better person?

A mantra can TRULY help you to focus on the good and to see the beauty around you.

I hope you find your mantra that you can live by.

As always, I would love to hear what your mantra is in the comments below.

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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