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I have never….

Sometimes it’s fun to learn about each other. I just turned 35 years old and it’s funny to think about some of these things I’ve never done.

I would love to hear what you have NEVER done in the comments below!

I Have Never…..

1. Been to Hawaii and I really want to go! One’s on the bucket list.

2. Made homemade pasta…never learned, and I’m gluten-free so I don’t know if I ever will.

3.Tried coffee. As part of my religion I don’t drink coffee but I like the smell because it reminds me of traveling .. airports have a strong coffee smell.

4. Changed a tire and it’s about time I learn!

5. Skydived and I don’t plan to.

6. Read the Harry Potter series… oops!

7. Lived outside of Utah… I’ve lived in Utah my entire life.

8. Tried sushi. I just don’t eat fish of any sort so I’m pretty positive I won’t enjoy it.

9. Had an ear ache. I’ve heard they are painful and I’m grateful I don’t deal with it.

10. Set a tent up by myself. Probably because my husband is the pro!

11. Failed a class in school… thankfully. I was always the studious type and sometimes stressed too much about bad grades!

12. Been Rock climbing —even though Utah is the perfect place for rock climbing .. heights scare me a bit!

There is more,but twelve is a great amount to share.

Maybe this is the year I try new things… we will see!

Xoxo, Christy Lee

2 thoughts on “I have never….”

  1. Hawaii is EPIC and I want to go back there someday with my husband. Making your own pasta seems hard and I get hungry fast and I don’t have time to make my own! I changed a tire once and I feel like that’s a man’s job and I will never do it again. Skydiving no way. I don’t enjoy reading at all. Movies please! Sushi is fine if it’s fried, but then is it really sushi? I don’t camp. Too much work and I don’t like being dirty and sleeping in it. School. Pleading the 5th on that one. Rock climbing, nope! But I LOVE running! I love this blog post as usual!

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