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Summer Clothes and Accessories for under $20!!

Summer time calls for a time for some new clothes and accessories.

If you are like me, it may be time to clean out some of your decade old clothes and exchange them for some new ones.

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Even better…finding clothes and accessories for under $20! 

I love and they always have cute finds, at great prices!

Hopefully you enjoy some of these items…I know I picked some of my favorites just for you!


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Check out these super cute “Summer” t-shirts! 

There are two different designs, different shirt colors, and a variety of sizes. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 1.11.56 PM

And the price is great! These t-shirts ship for only $18.98

To purchase click here




This cute oversize clutch is perfect for toting around items.

There are 6 different styles of this clutch, and they are ALL cute!

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 1.20.05 PM

This clutch ships for only $15.98

To purchase, click here.




These beautiful wooden drop earrings come in geometrical shapes with a gold/silver metal finish, that makes for an eye-catching earring.

Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 1.25.57 PM

These earrings have a unique look and would pair well with a dress up or dress down look.

These adorable earrings ship for only $7.98!

To purchase, click here




This messy bun hat is perfect for those women with long hair and need a place for their ponytails or messy buns!

Hat’s are the perfect accessory in the summer time.


This hat is currently currently priced at $12.99 with Free Shipping 

To purchase, click here. 




Toe rings are fun especially in the summer time when it’s also sandal season.

These cute toe rings come in a variety pack, and they are adjustable to fit any size toes.

The colors in toe rings range from silver, gold and rose gold.

These toe rings are only $10.98 for a pack of 7! 

To purchase these cute toe rings,  click here


So there you go..hopefully you find something fun for summer time!

Enjoy your day!




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