Why the 4th of July is important to me…

In college I majored in history.

I have always been fascinated with history.

For some reason, the Revolutionary War especially fascinated me.

One regret I have in college is not taking a Revolutionary War class because rumor was that it was “rare to get an A” from this professor, even though the class was amazing.

I don’t remember every discussion from my college history classes… but there was one that stood out about the Revolutionary War.

As a class we had a debate.

Our class created very detailed lists of advantages and disadvantages of the colonists/Patriots, and the advantages and disadvantage of the British/Redcoats.

There was no argument that the British/Redcoats really had all the more advantages:

-better equipped soldiers

-more money in every aspect

– Good weapons

-Good leaders

-Strong backing from England

And the list goes on…

And yet, the TWO advantages I remember discussing that granted the colonist victory over Britain was

#1- A greater knowledge of the land (fought on American soil)

#2- Perhaps the STRONGEST advantage was that the colonists’ “cause” was deeper and genuine—- FREEDOM.

That my friends trumps all.

The British had the desire to have the colonies for wealth and benefit to the country.

However, the fight for FREEDOM from hefty taxes and a king was a strong and dedicating factor.

So I ask you today if you’re American and if you’re reading this…. do we think of that “cause of Freedom” today?

Do we take it lightly that countless numbers of soldiers and loved ones have sacrificed their entire lives so we could live in this INCREDIBLE country?

I hope not.

I hope to teach my children not just about the history of the Revolutionary War and how the 4th of July came to be….

But how amazing it is to live in a country where we can feel blessed everyday that SO many people have remembered the “cause” of freedom and why it’s worth fighting for…. and with that have given up their lives for us to prosper in this country.

Let’s make it a goal to remember this everyday.

Not just one time a year, but everyday, all year.

God Bless America!


Christy Lee