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Getting organized with cleaning your house/Free cleaning calendar

I know what you’re thinking…it’s NOT “spring-cleaning” season.

However, if you are like me, sometimes through all the months of being inside, you feel like you have accumulated more items and it’s time to clean and dejunk! 

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I have a daily cleaning calendar I am sharing with you. I hope this calendar can motivate you to clean because I want it to motivate me to DEEP clean more. 

I always try to do the basics: dust, wipe down counters, vacuum etc.

It’s those other deep cleaning items that tend to slide by.

As a mother of three young children this calendar list WILL be a challenge.

And yet, my goal is to get my children involved and make it fun!! 

This month you will hear more and more “cleaning” related posts because that is my focus and priority.

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My entire life I have found that trying to keep things tidy and orderly…brings me peace. 

Now is it possible to be absolutely clean all the time while your house if full of young children?


BUT–is it important to teach those young children how to clean?


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In fact, I beg you to teach your children to clean…for their future college roommates, please teach them to clean!:)

No one needs to be obsessive about cleaning, but the skills and the mindset that come from cleaning, are great life skills. 

If you want to join me in prioritizing “Cleaning” for the month of July I would love to share this journey with you! 

Enjoy the free printable:  July 2020 Prioritze Cleaning.

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Have fun cleaning!



Christy Lee

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