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Day 20: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If the husband or father in your life dresses up in a suit and tie, this is the perfect gift to give him! 

This personalized Men’s Tie from has an area where you can write a personalized note to dad.

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 10.44.42 PM

The tie comes in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Just think how fun it will be for dad to wear this tie, and to be able to flip it over to see that custom message. 

This tie comes at a great price and ships for only $19.98


To purchase this tie, click here.


More ideas coming tomorrow!

You have less than a week to find dad that perfect gift…good luck!




Christy Lee



June’s Goal: The Sound of Silence

How often do we take time to be silent ?

I ask that question because I can personally answer that by saying … very rarely do I listen to the sound of silence.

With the recent pandemic and riots and everything else that has been happening in our world … it seems like I’m constantly hearing noise.

As I was talking to a friend … on Marco Polo to be socially distant, she mentioned how she had put her kids to bed, and then went out on her porch to just sit on silence to just think without the noise and distractions of technology and everything else.

When she said that she just craved the silence … I realized … she was meant to tell me this.

Because as isolating and hard as the pandemic has been for us and I’m sure many others … I have come to understand that we all CRAVE that silence.

We live in a fast paced world and when do we ever get a minute to just think and sit and be still?

However, I know it’s crucial to remember that taking a moment to get lost in our thoughts —actually recharges us and gives us that “lift” we all need.

In fact, I’ll be honest that I feel guilty when I just sit in silence because I have so many things on the “to-do” list.

So June’s Goal for the month… is to take time for silence.

Enjoy the quiet stillness around you.

Take a minute to breathe and relax.

It’s a challenge to make a habit of this “silent time,” and yet, I can see the benefit.

I hope you yourself can take time for “the sound of silence.”

In the end, you may realize just how much you too “crave” that time to get lost in thought.

I hope to update you on how my monthly goal goes.

Until next time,


Christy Lee