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Prioritize our Mental Health for the month of May no

Prioritize Mental Health for the month of May

Originally for the month of May I had the idea of “spring cleaning” and organizing.

But as this pandemic has been ongoing, I decided right now, prioritizing mental health was key. 

The pandemic has definitely changed routines and lifestyles, and often times, that can wear on us in many ways. Our mental health can struggle it hard times and I hope all of you are doing well.

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I outlined a few things to do each week that can increase areas of mental health.

It is mentioned a lot but as you all know, sometimes we forget to take time for our mental stability. It’s not a selfish thing to make sure you yourself are doing ok. In fact, if you are mentally health, it greatly helps your relationship with your family and loved ones.

With that, here is my calendar below. There is a clickable link that you can print off as well.

For this first week it is encouraged to listen to an uplifting podcast for at least 10 minutes each day. Right now I have a few podcasts I am enjoying: “Better Than Happy with Jody Moore,” “The Joy Factor,” and “Stuff you missed in history class.”

As always I would love to hear more ideas. What keeps your mental health in check?

Hopefully you can find that peace you need to feel right now.



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For the May calendar click here:  May Calendar 2020 Prioritize Mental Health


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