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In Times of Trouble Look UP

With all that is going on in the world around us….I wanted to write and focus on how to deal with “times of trouble.”

First of all, I will acknowledge, that we ALL have times of trouble that we are constantly working through.

Ironically enough— we are all going through this troubling time of COVID-19 together. It’s not easy, it’s a very unsteady time, a hard break of routine, but one thing I’ve learned through multiple trials in life, is that when you look UP you can find the light.

What do I mean by looking up?

It can be a bit different for everyone, depending on your values and beliefs.

Physically, I do mean, look up…look around your room and your home and recognize what you have…the blessings that surround you everyday.

(Above:one of my blessings, a kind husband sleeping next to my beautiful baby girl)

Spiritually, look up to God. Pray to him, actually talk to Him. Feel His comfort and realize what HELPS you to feel his comforting embrace more.

And for some, spirituality may be more of meditation, or taking time to be quiet, getting lost in your thoughts, and thinking about the beauty and joy that is in your world.

Shut out the dark and gloom and focus your thoughts towards peace.


Mentally, look up by “waking up” everyday. Make your bed, get ready for the day. When you are down and upset, keeping your mind in a good mental state is not easy. It takes effort to push yourself mentally but it’s key.

Look around and take inventory of your blessings and write it down. Mentally stay positive, even just for the little things. Be glad you have clean, running water, or air conditioning, those little things that bring yourself joy.


Emotionally, look up by finding influential guidance in your life. For some- talking to a positive and uplifting friend or loved one is key. For others it may be listening to a positive or inspirational podcast.

Maybe it’s going on a walk to get fresh air and clear your mind of all the unnecessary clutter. Find what helps lift you UP emotionally and cling to that.

At the end of the day we all need to find what helps us to “look up” in times of trouble and focus on those positive, uplifting things in our lives.

Something we can all learn from this Covid-19 experience is that we are still in charge of whether we “look up” or “look down.”

Yes we have some hard times right now and they are real and unpredictable. However, obsessing and stressing about all the issues will only make life harder and enduring.

Perhaps our lifelong lesson from this worldwide pandemic is that we,ourselves, can learn to turn to the good. We can come together and fight through all the pessimism and heartache that of course is there…. but we can be strong and remember the good in the world.

(Above- we have had a lot of family time during this pandemic and that has been wonderful and memorable.)

At some point this pandemic will pass and hopefully we can look back and think yes, that was hard at times, but I got through it positively and fought a good fight with my ability to””look up” physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So I ask you… how will you “look up” in times of trouble. What can you change so you aren’t sucked into a downward spiral?

Find those positive and uplifting things and hold on to them with all your might.

We will get through this, and guess what? I know we will come out better in the end!

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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