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6 Gluten-Free Pizza’s You’ll Love!


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When it comes to gluten-free pizza I have had my fair share of pretty bad pizza. I am alway looking and trying different gluten-free pizzas and wanted to share my six favorites with you. I focus not just on the flavor of the pizza, but the texture of the crust. If the crust is to chewy or breaks easily I won’t consider it. Let’s just say, I am quite picky when it comes to good gluten-free pizza!

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So here is my list, I have told you my score out of ten for each pizza recommendation I give.

I hope you enjoy this list, and more so…go eat some gluten-free pizza soon!


Papa Murphy’s Pizza

What I love about this pizza is that it’s take and bake! My husband has put this on our smoker and it bakes so wonderfully on the smoker. I score this pizza a 7 out of 10. If I have to be critical at all I feel like it’s a bit on the salty side…but still delicious!

*Also- try to get the coupon discount for the gluten-free pizza too. Save a few dollars🙂


Freschetta Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza

You can find this brand of frozen pizza in most grocery stores. I enjoy this pizza flavoring and texture and it’s never cost me more than ten dollars!

I score it a 7/10.



Schwan’s Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza

Schwan’s is a home delivery truck and they deliver across the United States. They have a gluten-free line that we love. Schwan’s gluten-free pizza is very tasty and I score it an 8/10. 

The price for this pizza is just under $15.00




Pier 49 Gluten-Free Pizza

Pier 49 has a great tasting gluten-free pizza. The crust tastes amazing and I give it a score of 8/10.  This pizza can be purchased for under $15.



The Pie Pizzeria (Gluten-Free Pizza)

Even though it’s only local to Utah, I have to inform you about this gluten-free pizza because it’s one of my top favorites! Not only does the Pie pizza taste delicious, but they are completely gluten-free friendly because they prep and bake in a completely different space than the regular pizzas. This pizza can be purchased for just under $20. I give the Pie Pizza the score of 9/10



Mod Pizza Gluten-free pizza

If I have to choose a favorite of this entire list…it would be this place, Mod Pizza! I love Mod Pizza’s crust and flavoring, it’s so tasty! The price is under $20 depending on toppings, and I give it a score of 9.5 which means it tastes incredibly good! You can find this pizza line anywhere in the US. Go check it out.

Now the question for you….what is your favorite gluten-free pizza line? What have I missed, and what do I still need to try?

I hope to keep finding more delicious gluten-free pizza in the future so stay tuned…I am sure this post will be updated.

I hope you come back next Friday for another “Gluten-Free Friday Flavors!”

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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