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My Favorite All-Purpose cleaning Spray

With the outbreak of the coronavirus there is definitely a focus on keeping items clean and disinfecting within your home.

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I wanted share my very favorite disinfectant spray.

I LOVE the orange citrus SMARTLY all-purpose cleaner that you can get at Target.

I clean my counters with this spray bottle every night, and it smells like a delicious orange grove!Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 2.34.37 PM

This Smartly spray is a great disinfectant, not too harsh on counters, and even better….it’s only $1.69 at Target. 

I know there is a limited supply on MANY cleaning items, but hopefully if you get your order in online, you can get this wonderful spray sooner than later.

To purchase, click here.

Stay safe out there, and as aways, I would love to hear if you have a favorite cleaner as well.


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Christy Lee

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