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What I have in my gluten-free pantry.

Since I’m the only one in my family that HAS to stick to the gluten-free diet, my pantry is full of a mixture of regular food and gluten-free food.

If I had a child that had to live the gluten-free lifestyle I would definitely rearrange my pantry, but since I’m aware of what I can eat this is what works for us.

Some people ask “wouldn’t it be easier for your entire family to eat gluten-free with you.” My current answer to that is “no.”

The reason why it’s easier for us to have a mixture of regular and gluten free food comes down to two things:

1- Expenses

2- Flavor

Gluten-free food can be quite expensive.. yes it’s I proved over the years but it’s still cheaper to keep the family on a regular diet.

Also— my family still enjoys the flavor and texture of most of the regular items versus the gluten- free items.

I think when you have a family member that has to eat gluten-free you just find out what works best as far as how to go about eating gluten-free. It’s an entire family effort and there is constant communication to make things work effectively.

As always…I am up for ideas so comment below with how you set up your gluten-free pantry.

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Christy Lee