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What does a Marriage and Staying Fit Have in Common??

Any guesses on this question?

I’m sure if you think about it for a minute…you’ll think of many things that a marriage and staying fit have in common.

My husband and me randomly started talking about this topic and I was fascinated with the idea and just had to share. IMG_7314

First, if you think about it, marriage and staying fit both take A LOT of work. I would add to that…consistent work.

We all know the scenario, when someone decides they want their body to be swimsuit ready in June…and it’s already May! One month, to get their body perfectly toned and in shape is pretty tough to do. What’s the ideal way of staying fit and in shape so that you are toned and ready for that beach body? We all know this answer…it’s to work out everyday. Now it may not be a vigorous and intense workout everyday, but you are consciously putting forth the effort every single day to do something to keep yourself physically fit.

Sooo…how does this convert over to a marriage relationship?

I think often times many people think, “I’ll work on my relationship maybe by our Anniversary.” So nothing changes, no effort is put into the relationship….and then before you know it, your anniversary is a month away..and it’s not even very exciting to celebrate the anniversary because you haven’t rekindled that love, or that spark with your spouse and the relationship isn’t where you’d hoped it would be.

Before I continue…I have to note, I am writing this for my husband and me. I am writing this as a reminder that love is a workout, not just occasionally, not just on date nights, but every single dayeven every moment of the day. Relationships take a conscious effort to improve and build and if the mind is thinking about how to strengthen that relationship…you’re headed in the right direction. Then of course, “action” has to come into play and it’s vital that couples are BOTH working at the “little” things that build a strong relationship foundation.

For example, when we start working out, do we go right for the big weights? No. I guess you could, but if you haven’t tried the big weights before than you have to build up to it or you are going to be in a world of hurt. Basically, it’s those smaller weights to begin with, that get us in shape and can help us continue on our fitness goals.

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This goes for relationships, it’s those small acts of thoughtfulness that build a great foundation in a marriage. The tricky part with relationships, is making sure BOTH spouses are doing those small acts everyday to build upon their relationship.

Some examples of those small things in relationship may be:

leaving a sweet note for your spouse before work, calling your husband/wife during a lunch break to check in, packing a lunch for your sweetheart, or even just going on a walk with your spouse to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

The possibilities are endless, and they are simple, but it does take a conscious effort on BOTH sides to achieve happy results.

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Think about when you first began dating and how you wanted so badly to stay in a strong, happy relationship…. it was those little things that moved your dating life to marriage right? Sure big, grand date nights are wonderful and I highly recommend them…but relationships are built on those smaller acts of kindness that are crafted everyday.

So we come back to the comparison, how is a marriage similar to staying fit?

They both take work every single day. And I would argue, a marriage is even more complex that staying fit because staying fit takes that person alone to accomplish goals. And yet, with a marriage BOTH partners have to commit to working hard every…single…day.

In a world that’s busy and full of deadlines and priorities I myself have seen how easy it is to let the relationship “priority” slip, but I will tell you in three words… “don’t let it.”

Relationships are such a key aspect of having a happy and successful life, and when we aren’t doing those little things that build a foundation for love…..even the greatest relationships can crumble.

So as I said, this may speak to some of you and it may not. You may agree or disagree with my comparison, but at the end of the day….I write this post for my husband and me. I don’t ever want anything to take over my commitment and my love to my sweet husband. I personally notice a difference when my husband and me are both working on our relationship together…and I love how we feel when we are truly connected.

Yes I am basically saying that a marriage relationship is like a muscle…you are either strengthening that muscle AKA marriage, or weakening it. It takes day-to-day effort, sacrifice, time and careful thought…but oh what a beautiful thing it can be to have a healthy, happy marriage.

If you ask anyone that feels they are in a happy marriage..I can pretty much guarantee they will tell you they do those small things everyday to keep that marriage foundation strong.

So I ask myself and since you are reading this, I ask you…”what are you doing everyday to strengthen your marriage?”

What are you doing everyday that may be weakening the marriage, and how can you change that?”

We all know what it takes to stay fit…a daily commitment to physical health.

So my challenge is to take that daily commitment for your relationship health.

For in the end…the love and memories we have with our spouse and loved ones, will be what really counts in this life.

I can delve more into this topic, and will probably come back to it, but for now…I will let it marinate.

Prioritize that marriage relationship, it’s worth it and you won’t regret it.

January 2020 Relationship Goals

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