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Why Prioritize Relationships for the New Year?

After thinking and pondering about New Years Goals for 2020, I chose to involve everyone reading the blog to join my goals.

I decided to “Prioritize” areas in life that I want to improve on. The very first area that came to mind was to prioritize my “Relationships.” IMG_7314

I believe that the world we are living in right now is so fast-paced and can be quite intense and distracting. Because of the distractions it’s easy to forget to nurture the important relationships in our lives. 

For example, how many times do we have dinner with our family, where we are checking our phones the entire time? Instead of talking and learning more about the people you love…you are learning about strangers on instagram.

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If you do the research, there is a HUGE decline in nurturing relationships. We all know reasons why the decline is occurring…but why is it so hard for people to commit to improve in their relationships?

Good questions to answer and think about right?

So for this month I want you to join me in PRIORITIZING RELATIONSHIPS.

I have a free calendar for you to click on and follow along with. Basically, I have broken how I hope to “Prioritize Relationships” in my own life week by week. I have small little weekly goals that I hope to follow through with. One example, put that phone away when you eat dinner with your family and have a real, organic conversation with your loved ones.

My hope is that I can get to know my loved ones more and understand them deeper. I recently had a baby and it’s interesting what happens to the family dynamic with a newborn in the house. Our sweet baby girl definitely brings us closer as we fuss over every tiny milestone she makes. And yet, because this mama has to make sure the baby is thriving, it’s easy to forget to have date nights with dad.

I know that the ONE big ticket item in life is having healthy relationships. It’s amazing how critical relationships are to us human beings, and the lack thereof can truly affect people in such harmful and negative ways. So let’s take initiative and Prioritize Relationships!

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Just a little fun insight into this goal, I am interviewing couples that have been married 50+ years and will compile insights and share all I have learned with you!

Click on the calendar below to follow along on this January adventure with me. (It is currently under construction but I have attached a picture below to follow along).

Click here: January 2020 Relationship Goals


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And as always, I would love to hear your insights on prioritizing relationships!


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