Phone Apps: My 10 favorite apps and why I love them

In today’s world, apps can be life-changing in many ways. Apps can increase your productivity in life, and quite frankly, can make life easier in a number of ways.

I am sure that you have all downloaded or even paid money for apps that you regret later….I know I have.

So I wanted to share my top 10 favorite apps that are on my phone right now.

I will also share why I enjoy the apps and how they have helped me become more productive.

And as always, if you have apps to share with me…please do!

So in no particular order:

#1 Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar App

If you want to budget your money and see where you are  over-spending…this app is great. My husband and I have the free app and it works great. It takes just a few seconds to type in money spent, but it’s eye-opening to see where your money is going. Like for me it was eating out and groceries!  I would highly recommend this app! And we downloaded the FREE version.

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#2 Moms On Call Schedular App

For moms of baby’s and toddlers this app is very helpful. Basically, the app helps parents get their babies on an eating and sleeping schedule. The app customizes it’s information according to information about your baby. I have used this app for all three of my kids and it’s been great. I originally paid $3.99 for the app and I can tell you, it’s been worth every penny!

#3 Tasty App

I have mentioned this app before and I will mention it again…I love this app! If I am struggling with meal planning and what to make for dinner, I open this app and instantly have a lot of ideas. Even more, the recipe videos are fun to watch and it makes me excited to cook. This app is neat because you can watch a number of different videos or find recipes you like and you can “favorite” them for later. Love this app!

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#4 Punchbowl App

 This app is a great way to send cards and invites. I use the free version and it works great for my needs. This app has been useful for baby showers and birthday parties etc.

Door Dash App

This app is so handy if you want to eat out but aren’t able to physically go out yourself. You simple find the place you want to eat, order what you like, and your meal or drink will be to you shortly. You of course have to pay a bit extra for a tip for the driver .. but it’s not that much ($2-$4) and totally worth it in my mind.

An extra plus, I’ve never waited longer than 20 minutes for anything I’ve ordered. The app is helpful because it keeps a history of different things you have ordered in the past. Pretty sure this app will always be a favorite of mine.

Audible App

I love listening to audiobooks.. it’s just quicker and easier for me. I’m not in the phase of life where I can kick back and read much, but I want to– so listening to audible is the best way for me to win with reading! It’s worth the free monthly trial if you’re interested!

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Jane App

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you may have noticed that is one of my favorite places to shop online. I love Jane’s clothing styles as well as the prices. Jane also has cute home decor, kids and baby clothes, and I’ve even found my husband a few things from Jane! Win!

In my mind, if you love a store you should have their app to look at items quickly and that’s why I have it. Jane’s style and prices are the best so I highly recommend this app.


Baby Story App

Baby Story was suggested by a friend and I’m so glad she told me about it. How many times do we want to document our pregnancy milestones and our babies milestones and we just don’t take time to? Well this app is wonderful for capturing great pictures and milestones because it’s fun to use, features cute lettering and filters.. and is simple to use. If you have a baby or know someone with a baby this is a great app. I pay $4.99 a month and it’s worth every penny for the memories!

Joy Doodle App

If you have kids this app is a must. It was free and it allows your child to doodle with their finger and it draws like a pencil. The writing also changes different neon colors. You can save or discard pictures. It definitely is an app I love having on hand for my kids if we are waiting in line for something and the kids need some entertainment. Two thumbs up for this app.


Groupon App

If you’re like me, you like to find good deals for good items. Ever since I learned about Groupons I have always loved looking for great deals on a variety of items. Since I enjoy looking at Groupons so much, I downloaded the app. The app is great because it’s a simple, fun way to search for deals. This app is also FREE. Saving money is always the best feeling right? Groupons are great for saving pennies and enjoying great items.

Wish App

Speaking of saving money, have you ever shopped through Wish? If you haven’t than you need to check it out. The items featured on Wish are extremely discounted.. we’re talking there are even some items that are FREE and you only pay shipping. The catch is Wish items are shipped from China so sometimes it takes a bit longer to get items delivered. However, I been pleasantly surprised to find items in my mailbox so quickly. The items are not all high quality but things like toys, or baby bows, or kitchenware are some items I have bought through Wish and they’ve been great and I paid about half price for them! And of course, the app is free.

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Hopefully there have been a few apps that have caught your eye. Now, your turn! What are some of your favorite apps and why?

And this month, I am PRIORITIZING relationships. This weeks goal is to “serve someone you love everyday this week.” This is not a hard goal, and the reward you will feel from this is wonderful.

For the January Calendar click January 2020 Relationship Goals

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Until next time!




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  1. I only have 3 of these apps, and I love them! Baby Story, Groupon, and Wish. I will have to try out some of the others.

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