Some of my favorite after Christmas deals to make your wallet happy!

Shopping for Christmas is definitely a fun and exciting experience. However, often times the VERY best time to shop for items you need or want is after Christmas. Why? Many stores are clearing out merchandise and are selling items at incredibly low prices.

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Here are some great steals I found for you….

Who knows, maybe “after-Christmas” shopping will become your new favorite!


#1 Mainstays Meal Prep Container (5 containers) for only $2.98 previously been $4.46Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 3.15.56 PM

If you are like our family, meal prepping is such a great way to eat healthy, and to plan meals. In the past we have gotten our meal prep containers online through Amazon where they have been about one dollar per container. So to find these containers basically at half price is great! I snagged myself 2 sets. And even better…they are dishwasher safe!

Click here to purchase.


#2 Portable Kid Playhouse with 100 Balls $32.99 originally was $64.99Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 6.19.02 PM

If you have young kids in your family at all, they will love this portable playhouse! The house comes with 100 balls and will be all sorts of fun with youngster to play with. These playhouses are usually quite pricey so to find it for only $32.00 is a steal!

Head to Wal-Mart to purchase this product, or click hereto purchase online.


#3 Pro6+ by Elevated Sports Nutrition $38.24 with promo code, originally $44.99

January always brings new health goals, and this protein drink can help you accomplish some great health and fitness goals.  My favorite protein drink on the market right now is Pro6+, sold through the company called Elevated Sports 6

One of my favorite things about Pro6+ is that it gives you energy but is NOT loaded with any caffeine. This protein drink tastes great and is a wonderful meal replacement option. Right now you can get Pro6+ for 15% off when you add promo code WELCOME 15.

To purchase Pro6+ click here.


#4 Felt Ball Garlands only $7.99 originally $18.00Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 6.41.04 PM

These felt ball garlands are super cute and add so much color to your house. There is a wide variety to choose from, from holiday garlands, to multi-colors. Usually I can’t find these garlands for under ten dollars so you may want to snatch this deal up quick before they are gone!

To purchase, click here


#5 Gabskia clothing is 20% off with code JOLLY2019

Gabskia has adorable clothes for little girls. The cute, boutique-style clothing has fun outfits for all holidays and everything in between. There are also some cute items for moms and little boys.

Act now for a great deal on cute little girl clothes. Click here to shop at Gabskia.





Enjoy your after Christmas shopping. And even more, enjoy saving some money!

Until next time,



Christy Lee