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A New Christmas Tradition to Start this year!

The Christmas season is so fun to celebrate for so many reasons. One of my favorite things about Christmas time was and still is, all the fun traditions we do as a family. Starting family traditions can be an exciting and memorable way to make the Christmas season bring joy to all families. Here is a list of some favorite family traditions that many people enjoy. Who knows, you may walk away with a few more Christmas tradition ideas!

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Christmas cookie exchange: Invite a few different families to participate. Each family bakes their favorite cookies, everybody gets together and enjoys a variety of delicious treats!  Sounds delicious right?

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12 Days of Christmas: Choose a family to surprise with the 12 days of Christmas. Starting on December 13th, each night leave a small gift or item on their front porch. On Christmas Day you can reveal who you are…or you can keep it anonymous the entire time. Bottom line, it’s fun to be the secret-giver, and it’s fun to be the secret–receiver!


Christmas Movie Nights: With all the fun Christmas movies, it’s a great time to enjoy watching your favorite Christmas movies as a family. Hot chocolate and popcorn may be a fun item to add to the movie party as well.

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Mobile Christmas Caroling: When I was a young child, our church would get a hay wagon and we would ride around singing Christmas carols as we handed gifts to the widows in the community. For some reason, riding in a vehicle while singing was even more exciting than walking around caroling. Christmas music is so fun!


Christmas Concerts: There are so many Christmas concerts during the holidays. Finding a favorite concert to attend each year is a fun way of getting into the Christmas spirit.


Decorating gingerbread houses: This can be a fun tradition for people of all ages. And if you aren’t up for gingerbread, graham crackers and frosting work great too.

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Making a home-made gift: Sometimes it’s all about the thought and effort right? A fun idea for families is to draw names, and then work on creating a nice home-made gift for one family member.


Going for a drive to see Christmas lights in your area: You could even create a bingo list and see who can spot things first such as: purple Christmas lights, a blow-up snowman, icicle lights, etc. Inexpensive but fun to do.


Act out the Nativity Scene: Get dressed up and have family members act out various parts of the first nativity from Luke 2.


Take a fun family picture in front of the Christmas tree. From year to year it will be fun to see how people grow and change…and it will be fun to look back on.

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Make homemade treats and pass them out to neighbors. I think the act of service is greatly emphasized at Christmastime, which is actually really neat for families to be a part of. Christmas can be a fun time to try new and old recipes and deliver some home-made goodies to neighbors and friends.

Have a family Christmas puzzle everyone works on. On December 1st pull out a small table and start a fun Christmas puzzle that people can work on in their spare time.


Read a Christmas story every night. Reading a short Christmas story every night can be a fun and exciting way to welcome in the holiday spirit.

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The Christmas season has such a fun and wonderful feeling about it for people of all ages. My hope is that you can enjoy family traditions that create memories that will last a lifetime.

And as always, if you have any fun Christmas traditions to share….message or comment below.


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