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Just give mama a break ok?

Well let’s be honest … life happens and sometimes you have goals and ideas that you really, really want to work, and they don’t turn out so well.

A few weeks ago I posted about my DEAR challenge for my family:





I wanted so badly to have a set time everyday where for 15-20 minutes the entire family was reading.

So that didn’t happen for many reasons because…

I have two toddlers and a newborn

My two toddlers had bad colds and that took priority.

And the big thing is having a routine with reading right now, just wasn’t working.

I was honestly really upset because I am passionate about reading and want sooo badly for my kids to have that same love and passion for reading.

However, it did make me mindful to read to my kids everyday at some point. No it wasn’t the same time everyday, and it wasn’t very long, but at least we were reading.

I also have started to let my 4 year old son look at books before bed.. hoping to instill a good reading habit.

Moral of the story .. it reminded me to “give mama a break,” we are all trying, we have good intentions, and you know what? Sometimes just knowing that you have the desire for a family goal is key.

Will I give up on my DEAR time with my family?

Nope. I will keep reading with my kids everyday and hopefully at some point we can revisit the “DEAR time” I had in mind.

Writing this post helped me realize and remember that we all fall a bit short. And yes sometimes we set ourselves up for failure .. but little shortcomings like this are humbling and help us develop more as a person, reminding us that we aren’t perfect.

Even more, it’s ok to not be perfect. It’s human nature to NOT have the picture-perfect life. It wouldn’t be fair if life was a smooth ride all the time right?!

All the little bumps and bruises along the way are the very thing that makes our character stronger and more durable.

Disappointment is not easy, it’s hard. However, there is always, always something to learn from disappointment.

So if you’re like me, a mama with goals and plans for your family. And if sometimes those goals or plans fail or collapse completely.

Don’t get too down, remember it happens to the best of us. Regroup. Accept the failure with grace and know that even as a mother, we have to accept times where we fail. Just remember with some faith and perseverance we can always come back on top.

Your outcome may be different but what you learned in your “failure journey” is what you needed to better yourself as a mother, or as a friend, or as a human being.

I didn’t intend for the post to be about a failed goal, but maybe someone else can relate.

I always remember Babe Ruth.. we know he was a legacy baseball player for the amount of home runs he had, but we forget he was a baseball player who also had more strike-outs than most.

The good tends to be preceded by hard challenges, I have noticed that pattern over and over in my life.

So keep chugging along, keep moving.

If your intentions are good .. and your attitude is positive .. you will accomplish amazing things.

And remember always.

“Give mama a break” … she deserves that.

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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