Phone Apps: My 10 favorite apps and why I love them

In today’s world, apps can be life-changing in many ways. Apps can increase your productivity in life, and quite frankly, can make life easier in a number of ways.

I am sure that you have all downloaded or even paid money for apps that you regret later….I know I have.

So I wanted to share my top 10 favorite apps that are on my phone right now.

I will also share why I enjoy the apps and how they have helped me become more productive.

And as always, if you have apps to share with me…please do!

So in no particular order:

#1 Dave Ramsey’s Everydollar App

If you want to budget your money and see where you are  over-spending…this app is great. My husband and I have the free app and it works great. It takes just a few seconds to type in money spent, but it’s eye-opening to see where your money is going. Like for me it was eating out and groceries!  I would highly recommend this app! And we downloaded the FREE version.

money pink coins pig
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#2 Moms On Call Schedular App

For moms of baby’s and toddlers this app is very helpful. Basically, the app helps parents get their babies on an eating and sleeping schedule. The app customizes it’s information according to information about your baby. I have used this app for all three of my kids and it’s been great. I originally paid $3.99 for the app and I can tell you, it’s been worth every penny!

#3 Tasty App

I have mentioned this app before and I will mention it again…I love this app! If I am struggling with meal planning and what to make for dinner, I open this app and instantly have a lot of ideas. Even more, the recipe videos are fun to watch and it makes me excited to cook. This app is neat because you can watch a number of different videos or find recipes you like and you can “favorite” them for later. Love this app!

woman in the kitchen preparing to cook
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#4 Punchbowl App

 This app is a great way to send cards and invites. I use the free version and it works great for my needs. This app has been useful for baby showers and birthday parties etc.

Door Dash App

This app is so handy if you want to eat out but aren’t able to physically go out yourself. You simple find the place you want to eat, order what you like, and your meal or drink will be to you shortly. You of course have to pay a bit extra for a tip for the driver .. but it’s not that much ($2-$4) and totally worth it in my mind.

An extra plus, I’ve never waited longer than 20 minutes for anything I’ve ordered. The app is helpful because it keeps a history of different things you have ordered in the past. Pretty sure this app will always be a favorite of mine.

Audible App

I love listening to audiobooks.. it’s just quicker and easier for me. I’m not in the phase of life where I can kick back and read much, but I want to– so listening to audible is the best way for me to win with reading! It’s worth the free monthly trial if you’re interested!

woman in blue striped flannel shirt holding a book indoors
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Jane App

If you’ve been following me for a bit, you may have noticed that is one of my favorite places to shop online. I love Jane’s clothing styles as well as the prices. Jane also has cute home decor, kids and baby clothes, and I’ve even found my husband a few things from Jane! Win!

In my mind, if you love a store you should have their app to look at items quickly and that’s why I have it. Jane’s style and prices are the best so I highly recommend this app.


Baby Story App

Baby Story was suggested by a friend and I’m so glad she told me about it. How many times do we want to document our pregnancy milestones and our babies milestones and we just don’t take time to? Well this app is wonderful for capturing great pictures and milestones because it’s fun to use, features cute lettering and filters.. and is simple to use. If you have a baby or know someone with a baby this is a great app. I pay $4.99 a month and it’s worth every penny for the memories!

Joy Doodle App

If you have kids this app is a must. It was free and it allows your child to doodle with their finger and it draws like a pencil. The writing also changes different neon colors. You can save or discard pictures. It definitely is an app I love having on hand for my kids if we are waiting in line for something and the kids need some entertainment. Two thumbs up for this app.


Groupon App

If you’re like me, you like to find good deals for good items. Ever since I learned about Groupons I have always loved looking for great deals on a variety of items. Since I enjoy looking at Groupons so much, I downloaded the app. The app is great because it’s a simple, fun way to search for deals. This app is also FREE. Saving money is always the best feeling right? Groupons are great for saving pennies and enjoying great items.

Wish App

Speaking of saving money, have you ever shopped through Wish? If you haven’t than you need to check it out. The items featured on Wish are extremely discounted.. we’re talking there are even some items that are FREE and you only pay shipping. The catch is Wish items are shipped from China so sometimes it takes a bit longer to get items delivered. However, I been pleasantly surprised to find items in my mailbox so quickly. The items are not all high quality but things like toys, or baby bows, or kitchenware are some items I have bought through Wish and they’ve been great and I paid about half price for them! And of course, the app is free.

assorted cosmetic lot
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Hopefully there have been a few apps that have caught your eye. Now, your turn! What are some of your favorite apps and why?

And this month, I am PRIORITIZING relationships. This weeks goal is to “serve someone you love everyday this week.” This is not a hard goal, and the reward you will feel from this is wonderful.

For the January Calendar click January 2020 Relationship Goals

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 9.54.10 AM

Until next time!




Christy Lee






Some of my favorite after Christmas deals to make your wallet happy!

Shopping for Christmas is definitely a fun and exciting experience. However, often times the VERY best time to shop for items you need or want is after Christmas. Why? Many stores are clearing out merchandise and are selling items at incredibly low prices.

working macbook computer keyboard
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Here are some great steals I found for you….

Who knows, maybe “after-Christmas” shopping will become your new favorite!


#1 Mainstays Meal Prep Container (5 containers) for only $2.98 previously been $4.46Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 3.15.56 PM

If you are like our family, meal prepping is such a great way to eat healthy, and to plan meals. In the past we have gotten our meal prep containers online through Amazon where they have been about one dollar per container. So to find these containers basically at half price is great! I snagged myself 2 sets. And even better…they are dishwasher safe!

Click here to purchase.


#2 Portable Kid Playhouse with 100 Balls $32.99 originally was $64.99Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 6.19.02 PM

If you have young kids in your family at all, they will love this portable playhouse! The house comes with 100 balls and will be all sorts of fun with youngster to play with. These playhouses are usually quite pricey so to find it for only $32.00 is a steal!

Head to Wal-Mart to purchase this product, or click hereto purchase online.


#3 Pro6+ by Elevated Sports Nutrition $38.24 with promo code, originally $44.99

January always brings new health goals, and this protein drink can help you accomplish some great health and fitness goals.  My favorite protein drink on the market right now is Pro6+, sold through the company called Elevated Sports 6

One of my favorite things about Pro6+ is that it gives you energy but is NOT loaded with any caffeine. This protein drink tastes great and is a wonderful meal replacement option. Right now you can get Pro6+ for 15% off when you add promo code WELCOME 15.

To purchase Pro6+ click here.


#4 Felt Ball Garlands only $7.99 originally $18.00Screen Shot 2019-12-28 at 6.41.04 PM

These felt ball garlands are super cute and add so much color to your house. There is a wide variety to choose from, from holiday garlands, to multi-colors. Usually I can’t find these garlands for under ten dollars so you may want to snatch this deal up quick before they are gone!

To purchase, click here


#5 Gabskia clothing is 20% off with code JOLLY2019

Gabskia has adorable clothes for little girls. The cute, boutique-style clothing has fun outfits for all holidays and everything in between. There are also some cute items for moms and little boys.

Act now for a great deal on cute little girl clothes. Click here to shop at Gabskia.





Enjoy your after Christmas shopping. And even more, enjoy saving some money!

Until next time,



Christy Lee

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A Tasty Christmas/New Years Cheeseball You’ll Love and Enjoy!

One tradition I grew up with was making a Christmas cheeseball. My mom spent ours making dozens of these delicious cheeseballs to hand out to neighbors as a Christmas gift.

We loved the cheeseball so much, often times, we would make sure to have another cheeseball for New Years Eve!

The best part about this cheeseball, is that there are ONLY five ingredients.

Don’t forget to buy your favorite crackers to go with, then dig in!

cheeseball ingredients

Nyra’s Cheeseball Recipe: 


-2 packages (8 ounces) of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

-1 small can crushed pineapple drained (8 ounces)

-2 teaspoons of Lowry’s seasoning salt

-2 strands of green onions chopped (according to taste)

-package of walnuts

cheeseball photo


  1. Drain the pineapple
  2. Chop up about one cup of walnuts and spread nuts onto wax paper.
  3. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. 
  4. Should make about 3 medium-sized cheeseballs. 
  5. Roll ingredients into balls. 
  6. Roll the cheeseballs over the walnut mixture.
  7. Eat and Enjoy! 
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A New Christmas Tradition to Start this year!

The Christmas season is so fun to celebrate for so many reasons. One of my favorite things about Christmas time was and still is, all the fun traditions we do as a family. Starting family traditions can be an exciting and memorable way to make the Christmas season bring joy to all families. Here is a list of some favorite family traditions that many people enjoy. Who knows, you may walk away with a few more Christmas tradition ideas!

turned on red and blue merry christmas neon sign
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Christmas cookie exchange: Invite a few different families to participate. Each family bakes their favorite cookies, everybody gets together and enjoys a variety of delicious treats!  Sounds delicious right?

christmas cookies on tray
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12 Days of Christmas: Choose a family to surprise with the 12 days of Christmas. Starting on December 13th, each night leave a small gift or item on their front porch. On Christmas Day you can reveal who you are…or you can keep it anonymous the entire time. Bottom line, it’s fun to be the secret-giver, and it’s fun to be the secret–receiver!


Christmas Movie Nights: With all the fun Christmas movies, it’s a great time to enjoy watching your favorite Christmas movies as a family. Hot chocolate and popcorn may be a fun item to add to the movie party as well.

food snack popcorn movie theater
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Mobile Christmas Caroling: When I was a young child, our church would get a hay wagon and we would ride around singing Christmas carols as we handed gifts to the widows in the community. For some reason, riding in a vehicle while singing was even more exciting than walking around caroling. Christmas music is so fun!


Christmas Concerts: There are so many Christmas concerts during the holidays. Finding a favorite concert to attend each year is a fun way of getting into the Christmas spirit.


Decorating gingerbread houses: This can be a fun tradition for people of all ages. And if you aren’t up for gingerbread, graham crackers and frosting work great too.

smiling girl making house from crackers
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Making a home-made gift: Sometimes it’s all about the thought and effort right? A fun idea for families is to draw names, and then work on creating a nice home-made gift for one family member.


Going for a drive to see Christmas lights in your area: You could even create a bingo list and see who can spot things first such as: purple Christmas lights, a blow-up snowman, icicle lights, etc. Inexpensive but fun to do.


Act out the Nativity Scene: Get dressed up and have family members act out various parts of the first nativity from Luke 2.


Take a fun family picture in front of the Christmas tree. From year to year it will be fun to see how people grow and change…and it will be fun to look back on.

family decorating their christmas tree
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Make homemade treats and pass them out to neighbors. I think the act of service is greatly emphasized at Christmastime, which is actually really neat for families to be a part of. Christmas can be a fun time to try new and old recipes and deliver some home-made goodies to neighbors and friends.

Have a family Christmas puzzle everyone works on. On December 1st pull out a small table and start a fun Christmas puzzle that people can work on in their spare time.


Read a Christmas story every night. Reading a short Christmas story every night can be a fun and exciting way to welcome in the holiday spirit.

flowers on top of stacked books and mug
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The Christmas season has such a fun and wonderful feeling about it for people of all ages. My hope is that you can enjoy family traditions that create memories that will last a lifetime.

And as always, if you have any fun Christmas traditions to share….message or comment below.


Until next time,




Christy Lee



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Last Minute Gift Ideas that your Mom will Love

It’s getting closer to Christmas and you still haven’t found mom a gift yet?

Maybe you are like me and you were hoping to find something that is useful, or that she will really like.

I have put the gifts in categories according to what your mom may like and enjoy.

I have been brainstorming ideas for a while now, and hopefully a few of these ideas can help you out!

(Please remember to use my affiliate link.  I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you and it will help with my Christmas list.)

For the Mom that likes to COOK: 

Six Sisters Menu Plans

woman in the kitchen preparing to cook
Photo by Joe on

For $8-10 a month (depending on what plan you choose), you can get an e-mailed weekly copy of some delicious meal plans to cook up for your family. The meal plans even include a tasty dessert! If your mom likes to cook she will enjoy the excitement of receive a new meal prep menu each week.

To look at this product click here.


For the Mom that likes to Exercise: 

The Protein Drink Pro6+ from Elevated Sports Nutrition 

pro 6When it comes to working out you want a protein drink that works best for your body. The creators of Pro6+ created a protein that instantly delivers amino acids into your muscles. Who doesn’t want that muscular and toned body that Pro 6 helps create? Moms will love this product to assist in working out, and/or as a meal replacement.

Even better, if you go to their website they are offering a 15% off coupon code that will lower the price to under $40 when you use code: “Welcome15”

Click here to purchase this protein drink.


For the Mom that loves to Read

Amazon has some great picks for all readers. Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 3.08.35 PM.png

If you know your mom, you can probably guess what her favorite book genre is. There are endless options when it comes to books, and Amazon can help narrow things down. I found the “Best books of the Month” on Amazon. They also have editors picks, celebrity picks and more.

If Mom likes to read she will love a book to curl up with and enjoy reading by the warm fireplace this winter.

To purchase from the “Best books of the month” list from Amazon, click here.


For the Mom that likes Make-up

Maskcara Beauty products are a great giftmediumtanYou can get your mom color-matched by a makeup artist through maskcara beauty. Or you can find some beauty lip and cheek colors, eyeshadows, bronzers and more for mom to wear.


Maskcara products offer free shipping on all products, and many of their items such as the lip and cheek and eyeshadows last longer than many that you will find in a regular make-up store.

Product prices range from $12-$40 on up. 

PS-Make sure to check out all their double-sided brushes, they are my personal favorite items.

To check out this makeup line, click here.


For the Mom that likes clothes 

Jane.Com has some great clothing ideas

Below are some adorable sweaters that moms of all ages can enjoy from

The best part….the price! You won’t have to spend a big department store price for clothes, and yet you still feel cute and stylish. But hurry, items at this company sell out fast.

This adorable popcorn sweater comes in a variety of colors. The price is $28.99 for this sweater which beats many department store prices. Click here to purchase.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 3.28.53 PM.png

This Thick Striped Hoodie is sure to be a cute and comfort fit for mom. The price is only $16.99  click here to purchase.

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 3.32.50 PM



This Chunky Knit Sweater also comes in a variety of colors and looks comfy and stylish. The price can’t be beat at $23.99

To purchase click here

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 10.01.19 PM


For the Mom that likes Home Decor

Home Goods

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 3.25.23 PMI know an interior designer who loves to shop at home goods, not only for all of the cute decor, but for the great  prices as well. Home Goods has some cute and unique items that will be sure to catch your mothers eye. To shop all the different products in home decor click here.


Hopefully there is something on this list that your mom will love and enjoy. Or maybe it’s your wife? Whomever it may be, I hope you enjoy the spirit of Christmas and of giving. I always love thinking of something special and unique to give as a gift to someone I love. Even more, I love watching that special person unwrap the gift and see their reaction. One of my love languages is definitely “gift-giving” which makes this holiday season even better.

woman wearing maroon long sleeved shirt and black shorts holding gift boxes
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And at the end of the day…giving service is always a wonderful gift choice too. I know as a wife and mom, any type of service I receive from family members is a beautiful and well-thought out gift.

To end, as always, if you have another gift idea for mom that you would like to share…leave a comment of a message, I always love more ideas.


Until next time,




Christy Lee


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Just give mama a break ok?

Well let’s be honest … life happens and sometimes you have goals and ideas that you really, really want to work, and they don’t turn out so well.

A few weeks ago I posted about my DEAR challenge for my family:





I wanted so badly to have a set time everyday where for 15-20 minutes the entire family was reading.

So that didn’t happen for many reasons because…

I have two toddlers and a newborn

My two toddlers had bad colds and that took priority.

And the big thing is having a routine with reading right now, just wasn’t working.

I was honestly really upset because I am passionate about reading and want sooo badly for my kids to have that same love and passion for reading.

However, it did make me mindful to read to my kids everyday at some point. No it wasn’t the same time everyday, and it wasn’t very long, but at least we were reading.

I also have started to let my 4 year old son look at books before bed.. hoping to instill a good reading habit.

Moral of the story .. it reminded me to “give mama a break,” we are all trying, we have good intentions, and you know what? Sometimes just knowing that you have the desire for a family goal is key.

Will I give up on my DEAR time with my family?

Nope. I will keep reading with my kids everyday and hopefully at some point we can revisit the “DEAR time” I had in mind.

Writing this post helped me realize and remember that we all fall a bit short. And yes sometimes we set ourselves up for failure .. but little shortcomings like this are humbling and help us develop more as a person, reminding us that we aren’t perfect.

Even more, it’s ok to not be perfect. It’s human nature to NOT have the picture-perfect life. It wouldn’t be fair if life was a smooth ride all the time right?!

All the little bumps and bruises along the way are the very thing that makes our character stronger and more durable.

Disappointment is not easy, it’s hard. However, there is always, always something to learn from disappointment.

So if you’re like me, a mama with goals and plans for your family. And if sometimes those goals or plans fail or collapse completely.

Don’t get too down, remember it happens to the best of us. Regroup. Accept the failure with grace and know that even as a mother, we have to accept times where we fail. Just remember with some faith and perseverance we can always come back on top.

Your outcome may be different but what you learned in your “failure journey” is what you needed to better yourself as a mother, or as a friend, or as a human being.

I didn’t intend for the post to be about a failed goal, but maybe someone else can relate.

I always remember Babe Ruth.. we know he was a legacy baseball player for the amount of home runs he had, but we forget he was a baseball player who also had more strike-outs than most.

The good tends to be preceded by hard challenges, I have noticed that pattern over and over in my life.

So keep chugging along, keep moving.

If your intentions are good .. and your attitude is positive .. you will accomplish amazing things.

And remember always.

“Give mama a break” … she deserves that.

Until next time,


Christy Lee


My Top Favorite Gluten-free foods that I love and enjoy!

If you are new to my blog you should know I eat gluten-free. I have celiacs disease so eating gluten-free is not a choice, it’s for my health. I was diagnosed with celiacs disease in 2008, so it’s been eleven years of eating gluten free for me. I can personally tell you that food has come a loooong way in the gluten-free world and I am grateful for this.

I am providing a list of gluten-free foods I always have in my house.

Even if you aren’t gluten-free I bet you know someone that is, and this can be helpful resource for them.

Starting in no particular order here is the line-up:


#1-Salad Crisps-Asiago CheeseScreen Shot 2019-12-03 at 12.59.55 PM

When you are gluten-free sometimes it’s the little things you miss…croutons being one of those things. Fortunately, these salad crisps have a wonderful flavor to add to salads and I always have some of these on hand to make my salads more flavorful. Even better, my husband likes these too…and he doesn’t always love gluten-free food:)



#2 Pacific Brand Cream of Chicken Soup

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 1.12.30 PMWhen it comes to cooking, cream of chicken soup is a HUGE necessity. Thankfully, I have finally found a brand of cream of chicken soup that tastes close enough to the original can of cream of chicken soup. Most stores carry this brand now, but you can always order it online as well.




#3 Braggs Liquid Aminos

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 1.19.45 PMIf you want to have a tasty Asian meal, Braggs liquid aminos is a great soy sauce replacement. I always have a big bottle of liquid aminos in my fridge. One of the great things about this gluten-free product is that it’s cheap! Many gluten-free products tend to cost more than regular products but Braggs liquid aminos can be found at a great price! I have found Liquid Aminos at Wal-Mart, Smith’s and of course online at Amazon as well.


#4 Glutino Oreos

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 1.48.34 PMIf you need a tasty gluten-free oreo replacement these cookies are for you! Are they the healthiest? Nope. But for that sugar fix, they taste great! I will say I don’t always have these cookies in my house because my family all enjoys them…I guess that says something about them. I have seen this brand of cookies at most grocery stores as well.


#5 Cup4Cup Gluten-free flourScreen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.20.59 PM

Currently, this gluten-free flour is my favorite. I like the flavoring and the texture.

I have found this flour at Target as well as online through Amazon.


#6 Snyders Gluten-free pretzels 

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 3.24.37 PM.pngThese pretzels are definitely a family favorite! In my opinion they are the best gluten-free pretzel out there…the texture and taste are closest to the original pretzel.

The price is great, usually under three dollars. And I have been able to find them at multiple grocery stores.





#7 Progresso Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 4.05.00 PMI have been on the hunt for a great canned chicken noodle soup basically since I was diagnosed with celiacs disease back in 2008. The closest I have come in finding a great tasting chicken soup is Progresso brand chicken and wild rice soup. Progresso brand actually has multiple certified gluten-free soups, but my very favorite is the chicken and wild rice soup.


#8 Barilla gluten-free spaghetti noodles 

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 4.06.35 PM.pngLet me just tell you, gluten-free pasta can be tricky to cook. They either taste grainy or gummy.  Gluten free pasta can also be hard to cook because it’s harder to tell when they are ready to eat.

And yet, after much searching and trying many different brands, my go-to gluten-free pasta is Barilla gluten-free spaghetti noodles (and they have a variety of pasta options).

I like the flavoring and the texture of the Barilla pasta.

One helpful hint when cooking this pasta, when you drain the noodles put a good teaspoon or more of olive oil over them because they can get stuck together easily.

Again, I have found this brand at multiple grocery stores and online as well. This particular brand of pasta is not much pricier than the original pastas which is also a plus.


I hope you enjoyed some of my FAVORITE gluten-free foods. I am always up for trying more so if you have any ideas for me let me know!


Until next time,



Christy Lee