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A Fun Reading Challenge That You and Your Family Will Love and Enjoy…

I have mentioned before in the past that I taught school for seven years before I had my children.

I taught middle school history and I loved my experience teaching.

Something that surprised me when I started teaching school was how many children struggled with reading. Even by seventh grade, there were still many students that did not enjoy reading, because it was hard for them.

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My heart when out to these students that struggled with reading. Of course there were many factors involved with why many students struggled. Some kids dealt with learning disabilities which affected their ability to be a success in reading.

However, I did observe that there were many students that just never “practiced” their reading skills. 

Everyday at our school we had something called “DEAR” time which meant





DEAR time was a great way for students to get some reading time in.

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Sooo–I have decided to adopt DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time into my families everyday life.

The plan:

-Choose a time everyday, set a timer and drop what everyone in the family is doing and READ for 15-20 minutes.

-Parents will read, children will read…the entire household will be reading!

-My goal is to get the entire family excited about reading more in their life.


Reading is the key to success not only in school, but life in general.

I will try DEAR time for a week and let you know how my family does. 

I am excited to have an excuse to curl up with a book everyday for at least 15 minutes.

Hopefully I can get some more books read!

I hope you join me in this challenge.

Let me know your tips and tricks for getting your family to read more….


Until next time,


Christy Lee