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The Top 10 Favorite Books Your Toddler Will Love! Loo

If you are like me, you appreciate taking your children away from screen time, and reading them a good book. 

In our family we definitely have those books that we tend to gravitate to more. My children ages four and two, absolutely love these books suggested.

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All these books are catchy, creative, and have a great story line. 

Hopefully one or more will stand out to you as you look through this list.

So here it is, in no particular order, my top 10 favorite books for toddlers:


#1 Guess How Much I Love You

By: Sam McBratney

$10.79 on Amazon, click here


#2 All Better!

By: Henning Lohlein and Bernd Penners

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$12. 99 through an Usbourne books consultant, click here.



#3 Little Blue Truck

By: Alice Schertle

$5.00 on Amazon, click here



#4 Just a Little Critter Collection

By: Mercer Mayer

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$8.49 on Amazon, click here



#5 I Know A Rhino

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 5.50.12 PM

$10.69 on Amazon (paperback), click here



 #6 Love You Forever

By:Robert Munsch

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$4.91 on Amazon (paperback), click here



#7 If You Take A Mouse to the Movies

By: Laura Numeroff

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$8.99 on Amazon, click here



#8 On the Night You Were Born

By: Nancy Tillman

On Amazon for $5.00, click here



#9 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

By: Bill Martin Jr & John Archambault

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$10.99 on Amazon, click here


#10 Go Back To Sleep

By: Sylvie Jones

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 6.05.41 PM

$13.18 on Amazon, click here


And as always, I would love to hear from you! What are your favorite books to read to toddlers?

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