Oh how I love Fall Clothing & Attire….

Fall is a time to dress up a bit more warm. Basically, it’s the beginning of sweater weather and I love that.

Beautiful Textured Sweater:

The first sweater suggestion I have is from which is a boutique-type of online store. What I love about this sweater is how “comfy and cozy” it looks, and the texture is beautiful. I feel like it would match a number of pants and shoes and look great.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.37.43 PM

There are a few different color schemes with this sweater, but this more neutral one was my favorite. The price is currently $24.99 on sale, it has been $48.99.

If you’re interested in this gorgeous sweater look click here.

Soft Pink Slippers:

These soft, pink slippers designed by Lauren Conrad are a must have for fall and the upcoming winter. If you are like me, your feet can never be warm enough. I saw these pink slippers when I had Kohls Cash and I knew they would become my best friends!

These slippers are comfy, cute, and have a good padding so if you happen to walk outside with them, it’s no problem.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.41.15 PM

Currently these slippers are on sale for $22.40, however if you have a Kohls charge and some coupons you can get them for under $20.00

If pink is not your color, the slippers also come in a beautiful blue color.

Click here for the link to these slippers.


Stylish Nail Wraps:

If you haven’t tried nail wraps they can be fun and easy to use. I found these cute Halloween/Fall nail wraps online at Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.47.21 PM

Currently these nail wraps are on sale for $5.99, they have been $10.00. Click here if you are interested.


It’s amazing how something as simple as a nail wrap can add some style and fun to your look!


Hope you are enjoying some stylish fall looks!

As always, if you have cute fall looks to share with me…send them my way!

See you tomorrow with more to talk about with fall!



Christy Lee