Is Fall your Favorite Season? It’s mine and here is Day 1 of my Favorite things of fall…

All things hot chocolate has to be discussed first 🙂

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Hot chocolate has always been a signal that fall is in the air. Growing up, my favorite breakfast meal was “cocoa and toast.” I didn’t get this chocolate flavored breakfast every morning, but I will say…my mom’s cup of hot cocoa is still my favorite and I will be sharing that with you today so keep reading.

If making your own hot chocolate is not your thing…first let me tell you some hot chocolate lifesavers!

#1 A wonderful hot chocolate maker for only $29.99

Never before had I owned a hot chocolate maker or thought that I ever needed one.

However, when I get married, one of my very FAVORITE gifts was a hot cocoa maker! We use this cocoa maker all the time in the fall and wintertime,  and it’s nice because it’s simple and easy to use. You can mix your own hot chocolate together. Or throw in your favorite mix, add milk or water…push a button, and it heats and mixes it for you!

The exact cocoa maker that I own is no longer available, but this Nostalgia hot cocoa IMG_7247maker has decent reviews and is sold on Amazon for only $29.99. 

Even more fancy than mine–this hot cocoa maker has a “froth” option!

So if you are looking for a fun and easy way to make hot chocolate, click here to buy your own.





My Favorite Hot Cocoa Powder Mix:

Everyone has their favorite when it comes to hot cocoa mixes. I love some mint mixed with my hot chocolate, so naturally mint hot chocolate is a favorite of mine. I have tried all sorts of powder mixes and Stephens hot chocolate mix wins for my favorite powder mix. Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 3.55.34 PM

Stephens sells a mint truffle hot chocolate mix and it’s amazing! This powder mix doesn’t have too much mint flavoring, and the chocolate isn’t overpowering. If you love mint flavoring like me…try this delicious flavor out yourself. I found it at Wal-Mart for only $4.43 for a 16 ounce container. Click here for Stephens hot chocolate mix.



Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.25.47 PMCheck out this cute Fall mug from Kohls for only $7.49 or $5.99 with Kohls Card. But hurry it ends today October 1st! Click here


My favorite hot cocoa recipe right here:hot chocolate recipe.PNG

Grab your favorite hot cocoa mug first…then add the following:

-3 teaspoons of sugar

-1 teaspoon of Hershey’s Cocoa

-Pour in milk (about a cup or whatever size your mug is)

Mix it well. 

Microwave for at least 1 min (until it’s warm enough for your taste). 

And there you have favorite cup of hot cocoa. You can always add a dash of cinnamon or anything else you like, but I enjoy these 3 ingredients and love the flavor. 

Enjoy making yourself a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

Now it’s your turn….what are your favorite hot cocoa mixes?

More Fall Favorites tomorrow!



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