My Top Favorite Baby Items!

Yes I have “baby” on my mind, as I am one month away from holding our new baby girl. I already have a 4 year old boy, and a 2 year old girl, but the excitement is still surreal and we can’t wait to meet this sweet little baby soon!

I have a few “must haves” on my list to share with anyone who has a new baby in the family.

I have been stocking up, because currently I am a ticking time bomb.

So in no certain order, here are my Top Favorite Baby Items: 


#1. Nose Frida:

Yes the bulb suckers work for getting junk out of the baby’s nose, but this nose frida works even better!

You stick one end of the device in the baby’s nose (I use nasal drops before to listen mucus etc.) and the other side is for you to suck out the junk found in the baby’s nose. Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 4.20.25 PM

It sounds weird, and probably gross but the device works great! I actually still use it on my toddlers as well.

There is an entire kit that goes with the nose frida. The cheapest I found currently was at Wal-Mart.

All baby’s have yucky noses and it’s amazing how often the nose frida will get used.

To purchase the nose frida click here.

#2: Boudreaux’s  Butt Paste: Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 2.30.44 PM

Honestly, I have tried all the different types of diaper rash creams out there and this one is GOLDEN! It works the best because it quickly takes care of the rash.

We all know having a baby with a sore bum is sad and miserable for everyone so I always have a tube of this on hand. In fact, I have learned to keep a tube in the diaper bag as well as at home. In my experience, I use this even when I see the slightest sign of a diaper rash. I think you will be very impressed with how well this paste can clear up bad diaper rashes.

You can get this paste at most stores but as of today Walmart looked like your best deal.

To purchase click here.


#3: Car Seat Cover/Nursing Cover

I did not have this with my first child and I sure wish I did because it was a game changer! I love how versatile these covers are, you can use them on the baby car seat, as well as for nursing which covers so well. Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 3.13.33 PM

I have also seen people line their shopping carts with these covers too. When I have forgotten a blanket I am always thankful I have this nursing cover to keep the baby warm as well.

Right now Jane.com is selling these adorable covers (with multiple print colors) for only $6.99! They have originally been $29.99 so you are getting a steal

To check out the color options or for purchasing a cover, click here. 


#4 Bead Pacifier ClipsScreen Shot 2019-10-23 at 3.12.04 PM

There are many different places you can purchase these clips so here is one option I found. The reason I love these clips is because not only do they hold the baby’s binki for you, but they are also good for baby’s as they get teeth because they love to chew on the soft beads.

Another plus is it hooks directly to the baby so you aren’t constantly looking for a binki in every corner of the house.

If you are interested in this product click here.

#5 Maty’s All-Natural Baby Chest Rub for baby’s 3+ months

Hopefully your little one doesn’t get sick, but if they start getting croupy or a stuffy nose, I would recommend you start putting this chest rub on their chest and back right away. Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.20.58 PM

I feel like catching sicknesses quick is key with these little ones.  The sooner you can help soothe your baby is best.

The best price I could find for this all-natural chest rub is from Wal-Mart where the price is $4.96.

If you are interested in purchasing this, click here.


#6 Baby Bandana Bibs

I think there are many great options as far as where to buy these bibs, I just have particularly enjoyed the ones I have purchased from Copper Pearl. Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.28.21 PM

These bibs are great for newborn baby’s all the way up to a young toddler.

I tend to have baby’s that spit up a lot and these bibs really helped save a lot of baby clothes!

I like that they have some extra cloth on the back for absorption and of course the cute designs make the bibs look even cuter.

Pretty much, these bibs are a “must-have” in my book.

Through Copper Pearl you can buy 2 bibs for $14.95 or 4 bibs for $19.95. If you subscribe to their website you will see they are constantly having sales too so watch for that.

If you are interested in purchasing these bibs click here.


#7 A caddy to hold your baby items

The amount of small baby items you accumulate can be overwhelming. It gets hard to keep all your important ointments, lotions and creams organized. Hence, why I would recommend a caddy to hold your many small baby items.

Really you can go anywhere to find some sort of caddy to organize your items. I opted for Hobby Lobby and used my 40% coupon to purchase this cute caddy: Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.42.23 PM

I have found a little organization with baby items is key to utilizing all you the items you have.

If you are interested in caddy’s from hobby lobby click here.


#8 Baby Bottle Drying Rack

A drying rack for baby bottles is so helpful with little ones. Sometimes you just need to give the bottles a quick rinse of hot water and let them dry before another feeding.

These drying racks help bottles get all the moisture out and there are endless options you can choose from.

Here is the one I own that I have liked, It ranges from $12-14 at Walmart: Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.45.52 PM

To look at all the options of drying racks at Wal-Mart, click here.


So these are items that are at the top of my list.

Now the question.. what would you add?

I’m always up for more ideas!

Until Next Time,


Christy Lee



Why I constantly have to remind myself to just do ONE thing at a time, we can do hard things…”one hay bale at a time”

My father is a 4th generation farmer/rancher. Growing up I never thought much about how hard-working my dad was. My dad had his regular day job—and farmed in his spare time…which meant he was gone pretty much every Saturday, holiday, or day off from his day job to work on the farm.

agriculture clouds country countryside
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

As I’ve grown older a saying my dad told me has always stuck in my head…“one hay bale at a time.”  This phrase came when my dad and uncle were the ones in charge of bailing all the hay. My uncle looked out at the acres upon acres of hay and said to my dad “how will we ever get this all done?” My dad’s reply was “one hay bale at a time.” And he was right. Was it hard work getting all the hay bailed? Definitely. But my dad’s perspective was key. Don’t get caught up and overwhelmed with the amount of work to do, just do one thing at a time. You may feel like you will never get everything accomplished but you will. However, if you EXPECT to accomplish a lot in a very little amount of time, you’re hindering yourself and your abilities.

Another item to note, when my dad and uncle were working together they were stacking each hay bale by hand.

This was a HUGE undertaking to stack so many acres of hay by hand but they did it. How they did it was..”one hay bale at a time.”

Even more, most farmers don’t just get one crop of hay. To be able to make a decent profit a farmer will try for a number of different crops throughout the season. My dad always planted four crops of hay, thus, hauling and stacking hay happened not just once in the year, but four times.

One could get overwhelmed at thinking of the endless cycle of physical endurance it takes to stack and haul hay by hand. And yet, that was why my dad constantly lived by the motto “One hay bale at a time.”

Do we ever get caught up in life and think “we will never get everything accomplished that we need to?” I believe most adults have been stuck in this mindset more often than they’d like to admit.

That’s when I chime in and remind you “One hay bale at a time.”

When my husband comes home from work, overwhelmed with the stack of endless paperwork that seems to always grow as he chugs away in his office. I remind him “one hay bale at a time.”

When I look at the housework I have to do, while taking care of my two sweet toddlers, I constantly remind myself “one hay bail at a time.”

If you are struggling with personal issues in life, or mental health slumps that seem impossible to climb out of I will tell you from my experience with these same issues….

“One hay bale at a time.”

Yes we have to work at things in life. And yet, when we take in too much at a time, we will drown in our struggles. We are human, doing so many tasks at once or trying to conquer a hardship overnight isn’t realistic. Step-by-step we can endure hard things, or hard work, as long as we keep that perspective of “one hay bale at a time.”

We all know that Michaelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel in one setting. His motto would have been “one brush stroke at a time.”  In fact, if you research the history of Michaelangelo, you will find that it took him over four years to paint the Sistine Chapel! Even more, he had never painted frescoes before and he was learning the craft as he continued to work on this project.

So then why do we beat ourselves up when we can’t get something done in a timely matter. Or when we can’t get out of a “slump” overnight?

All I know is that when I catch myself getting overly frustrated at accomplishing the impossible, I tell myself to “Stop.”

I remind myself that all great accomplishments in life take hard work. Of course we should not procrastinate working hard, but we also need to give ourselves a break and enjoy the journey.

My dad is one who always has a smile on his face with a happy demeanor to match it. I can guarantee that while he was hauling and stacking bales of hay he was telling fun stories, probably listening to some great country music, or even just having some good long talks with his brother that worked right beside him.

His attitude and perspective were key in being a successful farmer because he didn’t let the amount of work overwhelm him, he just did all he could in the moment, and kept chipping away at it.

Now I can be honest and tell you, I did not inherit my dad’s natural positive perspective. In fact, I am much more like my uncle who looks at big projects or never ending piles of laundry with the thought of “how will I ever get everything done?”

(Below:my cute dad and I back in 2008. Showing off his nice grin and positivity for life)

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 5.02.56 PM

Nevertheless, I can see that as I constantly remind myself to be more like my dad and see that if we focus on “one hay bail at a time,” our burdens become lighter. Our endurance to complete a job or project or any accomplishment seem within reach if we remind ourselves to “take time to enjoy the journey.” Make the big “to-do” list fun as you chip away at it.

Yes, even housework can be fun if you turn on some fun music, listen to a podcast, or shut off all technology and enjoy getting lost in your mind for a bit.

If you continue to work, bit by bit, hay bail by hay bale, brush stroke by brush stroke…I know you can complete your task.

You can learn to become your own cheerleader. Yes it’s nice when you have a support system to cheer you on as well…but if that’s not the case for you, just know you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. Don’t fall into the pit of overwhelming despair and just keep chugging along.

I know I can do it, it’s a constant battle I remind myself of, and I know you can do it too!

IMG_2186                                       (Above: an actual photo of our family farm)

“One hay bale at a time,” can be your new motto to stick to and you’ll realize just how feasible hard things can become when you change your mindset, open up a new perspective, and believe in your abilities.

How do you keep perspective when feeling overwhelmed?

I always love to hear!


Until next time,



Christy Lee


Clothing & Accessories

Cute Clothes for Holiday & Winter Fashion all under $30…


My “pixx” today include some cute attire for the upcoming winter and holiday seasons. I have found all these deals from one of my favorite websites Jane.com, and nothing costs more than $30!

Hopefully something stands out to you, I tried to find items with a variety of colors to choose from so hopefully that helps with your color scheme and style. 

Enjoy looking and shopping!

Holiday T-shirt:

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 2.51.06 PMIsn’t this Christmas Tree T-shirt adorable?

I love cute seasonal T-shirts, you can either wear them alone, or pair it with a cute cardigan or sweater.

I love the leopard print. Even better, it has been $29.99 and is now on sale for $13.99

Click here to purchase.



Need some long sleeve dresses, but still want to feel comfy and casual?Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 3.00.22 PM

I found this swing dress from Jane.com and I love the look. The length is great and I love that it flairs out… makes the dress look very feminine.

There are a variety of colors to choose from in this particular style.

This dress is selling for $24.99

This is on my wish list as well!

To purchase click here.



If you need a new long sleeve shirt with a beautiful style to it, I think you’ll love this lace-sleeved sweater.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 3.06.08 PM

The navy blue color is beautiful and the lace sleeves makes it perfect for a more dressed up look if needed.

This sweater looks comfy and cozy which is the vibe I am always up for when the temperature cools down.

Currently this sweater is selling for $16.99

To purchase this sweater click here.





This beautiful knit cardigan is one that I love especially where I am pregnant because it can be open and flowing and still look good.

This cardigan looks incredibly cozy and warm, and will match a variety of different tops and bottoms. Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 3.15.17 PM

There are some cute colors to choose from in this particular cardigan. I personally always migrate to the blush color, and that explains why a good third of my closet is pink!

This gorgeous cardigan is currently $28.99.

If you’re interested in purchasing this beautiful cardigan click here.




Next up are these adorable sparkly shoes. Now here me out, I know sparkles aren’t for everyone. However, my adorable niece who is in college had these shoes on and I was surprised how cute they looked! She had the silver sparkle shoes and wore them with jeans and it was just enough of a pop of sparkle that it totally worked with her outfit.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 3.22.00 PM

The nice part is that there is a large variety of colors to choose from. I think they would look great with many outfits and the sparkle can add just enough of a holiday look to your wardrobe.

These shoes are currently $24.99

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 3.22.39 PM

If you’re interested in purchasing this item, click here.



Lastly, when winter hits it’s always nice to have something to keep your head warm. This particular beanie is neat because if you have long hair like me, you can put your ponytail through the top of it!Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 3.33.39 PM

I love the design and look of this beanie. The variety of colors is such a nice option to have as well. The black or mint color stand out to me the most, but the nice part is that you can choose.

The price is only $11.99, which is a great deal for a beanie of this style.

If you are interested in purchasing this beanie look click here.


I hope you are enjoying the journey of finding your winter wardrobe.

Until next time,


Christy Lee

Good Reads

One of my Favorite Books: Book recommendation for October

Here in Utah the temperatures have dropped and its chilly. October is the perfect time to grab a comfy blanket, and read a book with some hot cocoa close by.

person reading book and holding coffee
Photo by Vincenzo Malagoli on Pexels.com

The book suggestion I have for this month is one that I was required to read in college…and I have loved it ever since.

The book is entitled “Tuesday’s with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 10.18.59 PM

I will warn you that you may need a box of tissues nearby, because I definitely teared up throughout this book. However, the tears were “heartwarming” tears as you can relate to this book in many ways.

The author, Mitch Albom, writes this true story about re-uniting with his old college professor who is slowly passing away from a disease called ALS.

Albom spends his Tuesday’s with “Morrie” and writes about life lessons and lectures that Morrie teaches him.

For me, this book made me think of spending time with my dear grandma who always had a lot to teach me without even realizing it. 

It’s quite a quick read, and I highly recommend adding this to your “reading list.”

(If you’re interested in purchasing the book click here. )


woman lying on area rug reading books
Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels.com


Christy Lee



Getting enough sleep?

So I can honestly tell you, I was mindful for my week long challenge of going to bed at 10 pm.

My challenge was to be in bed by 10 pm, not looking at my phone or reading but actually have my eyes closed on my pillow. 

Well, life happened of course and there was one night where it was more like 11:30 pm that I went to bed.

But the other nights I can honestly tell you I was mindful and I was preparing myself so that I was in bed by 10 pm.

Was this an easy task as a mother of two toddlers and a busy husband? Nope. Did it feel good to wake up with another few hours of sleep behind me…YES!

alarm clock analogue bed bedroom
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So here are some thoughts:

-The to do list will always be there, but your health may not. Bag the “to-do” list by 9 or 9:30 pm and take a break so you can get some sleep 

-Immunity boost-I feel like I usually catch every bug or virus that comes my way. It makes sense because I don’t get a lot of sleep so I don’t have a lot of fighting power. If you are sick of getting “sick” like me, try harder for that 10 pm curfew. 

-Help your mind and emotions. I have always been super grumpy if I don’t get a lot of sleep. I try so hard to be cheerful when I am tired, but my patience struggles all day as I am dragging through my fatigue. So think of those around you and get some sleep so you are pleasant to be around. 

-Life: Yes sometimes you can’t help but go to bed late because life happens. However, when you can control it and get to bed decently early…just do it. 

The list goes on and on, but I can tell you that I am trying hard to make a conscious effort to get some sleep and go to bed before I’m completely worn out.

This will continue to be a challenge for me as I am a natural “night owl” but I’m a wannabe “morning person!”

Help me make that transition and join me in getting some rest.

I am sure this topic will continue to pop up, as it’s so very important to our health and well-being.


Until next time,



Christy Lee

Family, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous

Fun Fall Kids Crafts that are Simple & Fun

Something that has been fun already is driving around with our kids at night and finding fun decorated houses. There are quite a few homes in our neighborhood that have orange light ups, or blow-up spiders for Halloween.

Kids love the enjoyment of different holidays and seasons. The crafts that I have found for this post should be fun and simple to do with your kids for fall. Hopefully one idea will spark some fun family time together!

Autumn Tree Painting with Cotton Balls: 

If you follow the blog “Projects with kids,” you will find some great seasonal crafts and activities. This autumn tree painting looks fun, and most homes should have many of the supplies already. I know my kids love anything with paints, yes it can get messy but if they are wearing old shirts or good cover-ups, the clean up isn’t bad. 

Here is how the cotton-ball painting looks: Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.25.27 PM

You will need the following materials to complete this project:

-Clothes pin

-Cotton ball

-Paint brushes

-Paint Pallette (or I use a paper plate)

-Acrylic paint

-White paper

-Printable branch template (optional) or you can draw that part on yourself.

If this is a craft you’d like to try, click here to check out the entire blog post on it.

Marbled Fall Leaves with Shaving Cream

Another craft that stood out to me were these beautiful marbled fall leaves. Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.39.47 PM

My children LOVE to play with shaving cream in the bathtub so this should be a plus for us.

What’s even better is the main things you will need are:

-Shaving cream (I would say at least 2-3 bottles to be safe)

-Acrylic paint

-A 9×13 casserole size pan

-Something to stir it with

-Paper leaf template

Each leaf with come out looking different and beautiful. If you are interested in this craft check out this blog Teaching with TLC

Have your child paint their own mini pumpkins

You know how cute those little pumpkins are that you see at the store, and they aren’t very expensive to buy. Well here’s an idea, buy enough for the entire family to have a pumpkin painting night!Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 10.48.23 PM.png

All you will need are the following:



-Paint brushes

So simple and so fun because there are few guidelines. Kids love any opportunity to be creative and independent and this craft fulfills both!


Hopefully you create some memories with the family by doing a fun fall craft.

Please share any of you favorite fall crafts I would love to hear more ideas.

I’ll be back next week with a new post…thanks for following my 5 days of Fall!

Oh how I love fall, I am trying to soak up the season in every way!

Until next time,



Christy Lee


Oh how I love Fall Clothing & Attire….

Fall is a time to dress up a bit more warm. Basically, it’s the beginning of sweater weather and I love that.

Beautiful Textured Sweater:

The first sweater suggestion I have is from Jane.com which is a boutique-type of online store. What I love about this sweater is how “comfy and cozy” it looks, and the texture is beautiful. I feel like it would match a number of pants and shoes and look great.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.37.43 PM

There are a few different color schemes with this sweater, but this more neutral one was my favorite. The price is currently $24.99 on sale, it has been $48.99.

If you’re interested in this gorgeous sweater look click here.

Soft Pink Slippers:

These soft, pink slippers designed by Lauren Conrad are a must have for fall and the upcoming winter. If you are like me, your feet can never be warm enough. I saw these pink slippers when I had Kohls Cash and I knew they would become my best friends!

These slippers are comfy, cute, and have a good padding so if you happen to walk outside with them, it’s no problem.

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.41.15 PM

Currently these slippers are on sale for $22.40, however if you have a Kohls charge and some coupons you can get them for under $20.00

If pink is not your color, the slippers also come in a beautiful blue color.

Click here for the link to these slippers.


Stylish Nail Wraps:

If you haven’t tried nail wraps they can be fun and easy to use. I found these cute Halloween/Fall nail wraps online at Jane.com. Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 7.47.21 PM

Currently these nail wraps are on sale for $5.99, they have been $10.00. Click here if you are interested.


It’s amazing how something as simple as a nail wrap can add some style and fun to your look!


Hope you are enjoying some stylish fall looks!

As always, if you have cute fall looks to share with me…send them my way!

See you tomorrow with more to talk about with fall!



Christy Lee


Decor & More, Lifestyle, Miscellaneous

My Favorite Fall Scent for under $20

This is a short post but important because this fall scent is amazing!

The fall candle from Bath & Body “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” tops the charts as my new favorite scent.

I love this fragrance because it’s not too overpowering, and yet it smells soo good.

I guess naturally it’s hard to explain a scent but I will tell you the 3-wick has been over $20 and it’s currently $14.50!

Go snag this wonderful scent today by clicking here.

I recommend a book, blanket, my hot cocoa recipe, and this candle for a wonderful fall night of relaxation!

I’ll be back tomorrow with something new.

See you soon,


Christy Lee

Decor & More, Lifestyle

My Favorite Fall Decor Ideas Inside and Outside of your home.

Day 2 of my Fall Pixx

One of my very favorite parts of fall is all the fun decor ideas. It’s amazing how simple little things can add such a fun, seasonal look to your home.

Fall Porch Decor Ideas:

One of my favorite blogs to follow for all things “decor” is tatertotsandjello.

Look at a sneak peak of her front porch:Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 8.34.47 AM

Something else I love about her decorating tips is that she provides great instruction on how to make anything…and if you end up buying anything, you can use them year after year! And that pink door…I LOVE that touch!

Felt Garlands:

Felt garlands can add such a great touch to any mantle or room. The nice part is that you can go on etsy.com and find some felt garlands at a decent price (average $10.50)…or you can make your own! Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 8.40.27 AM

You can buy a pack of felt balls for $2 or less, then you will just need some thin craft string, a large needle and some pliers to pull it through. Very simple and easy..takes less than 20 minutes!

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 10.40.34 AMI love the look of felt garlands and I have had a lot of fun making them on my own!




Some fun fall touches to your entry way table:

An entry way table can be simple for fall or it can be loaded with fall decor. This year I went all out!

Here are a few pictures of my entry way table this year:

entryway table entry way top look

What I love is adding some lighting. Especially in the evening, this small detailed autumn leaf lights add a focal point to the house.

I bought these cute little leaf lights at Kohls over two years ago. They still have them, click here.

$14.99 on sale or $9.59 with a Kohls card.

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 10.02.34 AM

Another cute touch is adding a seasonal piece of artwork. I love supporting local artists in any way I can. I have fallen in love with the SavvyDru shop on etsy.com. This artist has such a entry way picturespretty and soft touch to her paintings. This is one of her art paintings I have it on display on my entry table.

The options are endless when it comes to fall decor ideas. I shared some of my favorites…now it’s your turn to share yours! Tell me all your tips and tricks I am always up for more decorating ideas:)

Hope you enjoyed my pixx for today.

See you tomorrow for more Fall Favorites!



Christy Lee




Is Fall your Favorite Season? It’s mine and here is Day 1 of my Favorite things of fall…

All things hot chocolate has to be discussed first 🙂

person holding coffee filled mug
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Hot chocolate has always been a signal that fall is in the air. Growing up, my favorite breakfast meal was “cocoa and toast.” I didn’t get this chocolate flavored breakfast every morning, but I will say…my mom’s cup of hot cocoa is still my favorite and I will be sharing that with you today so keep reading.

If making your own hot chocolate is not your thing…first let me tell you some hot chocolate lifesavers!

#1 A wonderful hot chocolate maker for only $29.99

Never before had I owned a hot chocolate maker or thought that I ever needed one.

However, when I get married, one of my very FAVORITE gifts was a hot cocoa maker! We use this cocoa maker all the time in the fall and wintertime,  and it’s nice because it’s simple and easy to use. You can mix your own hot chocolate together. Or throw in your favorite mix, add milk or water…push a button, and it heats and mixes it for you!

The exact cocoa maker that I own is no longer available, but this Nostalgia hot cocoa IMG_7247maker has decent reviews and is sold on Amazon for only $29.99. 

Even more fancy than mine–this hot cocoa maker has a “froth” option!

So if you are looking for a fun and easy way to make hot chocolate, click here to buy your own.





My Favorite Hot Cocoa Powder Mix:

Everyone has their favorite when it comes to hot cocoa mixes. I love some mint mixed with my hot chocolate, so naturally mint hot chocolate is a favorite of mine. I have tried all sorts of powder mixes and Stephens hot chocolate mix wins for my favorite powder mix. Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 3.55.34 PM

Stephens sells a mint truffle hot chocolate mix and it’s amazing! This powder mix doesn’t have too much mint flavoring, and the chocolate isn’t overpowering. If you love mint flavoring like me…try this delicious flavor out yourself. I found it at Wal-Mart for only $4.43 for a 16 ounce container. Click here for Stephens hot chocolate mix.



Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 4.25.47 PMCheck out this cute Fall mug from Kohls for only $7.49 or $5.99 with Kohls Card. But hurry it ends today October 1st! Click here


My favorite hot cocoa recipe right here:hot chocolate recipe.PNG

Grab your favorite hot cocoa mug first…then add the following:

-3 teaspoons of sugar

-1 teaspoon of Hershey’s Cocoa

-Pour in milk (about a cup or whatever size your mug is)

Mix it well. 

Microwave for at least 1 min (until it’s warm enough for your taste). 

And there you have it..my favorite cup of hot cocoa. You can always add a dash of cinnamon or anything else you like, but I enjoy these 3 ingredients and love the flavor. 

Enjoy making yourself a delicious cup of hot cocoa.

Now it’s your turn….what are your favorite hot cocoa mixes?

More Fall Favorites tomorrow!



Christy Lee