My Favorite Little Friends:Reflections from a mom with two young children…

My Favorite Little Friends
I have two favorite friends in my life right nowsafe_image
One boy that’s four and a little girl whose two.
These little friends have lots of fun and love to play in many ways
Their goal is to smile and find joy in the world around them.
Sometimes life is hard at this age
They can’t always communicate their wants and needs, which results in tantrums and meltdowns.
Disappointments and failures are heartbreaking to them, and they never hold back their emotions
Sometimes reasoning and being rationale with these two little ones is harder than herding kittens.
And yet, despite the many areas where they may fall short, these two favorite friends of mine make it up in many ways …
My favorite little friends are quick to forgive and forget, they realize that even their parents fall short and lose their cool, but these two little friends are forgiving.
My favorite little friends sense when something’s not quite right, and even when they don’t know exactly what’s going on, they provide lots of loves and hugs.
My favorite little friends find the smallest little things to get excited about: an airplane in the sky, a hummingbird on the flowers…
My favorite little friends are great reminders that despite living in a big world full of trials and hardships, we also live in a world of beauty and excitement, for these two little ones find joy in simple things.
My favorite little friends don’t want to waste a second of the day without doing something fun.  Even though their energy level can be tiring and hard— the memories made with my favorite little friends will never be wasted.
For I know that one day far too, soon these favorite little friends of mine will grow up big and tall.
Days of simplicity and joy will be swept far away and these favorite little friends of mine will mature into caring adults. My hope is that their lives will still be full of fun and love, and yet, I know I won’t be involved in all the minute details of their lives.
This reality will be harsh for this loving parent and caretaker to take in.
So for now I’ll enjoy every plane in the sky, all the running and spinning and playing that we can… for as each new day comes, we glean closer to the phenomenon that life won’t always be this way.
Enjoy every moment, every memory, every heartache and scrape that comes.
And keep these two favorite little friends close with the hope that one day they may become two favorite BIG friends who can still forgive and forget, cheer you up when days are sad, and remind you that you too, are their favorite person and will cherish every moment spent with you.
Yes, having these little ones as my favorite friends may be challenging every single day,  but the love and rewards far outweigh these hardships. There would be nobody whom you’d rather spend your days and friendship with than these two favorite friends. Enjoy this time and always keep them close, these favorite friends will end up being the truest friends you’ll have on the earth, no doubt, no question.
That deep love you have for these two sweet children will be what keeps your world turning from days on end.
Oh how I love my favorite little friends❤️
To my sweet littles: Cade and Makell
Love your mommy: Christy Lee Austin