This great product helps me to get my kids to drink more water and not spill so much in the car…Win/Win for this product!

IMG_6840Do you ever wish you could get your child to drink more water? Or if they are drinking something in the car that it doesn’t cause a big clean up at the end? 

Well this product that I picked as  a favorite today helps our family with these two issues.

The product is called Snackeez and we LOVE the disposable kind. Mind you, we do have IMG_6859one that is non-disposable and it works great, however for quick clean up and for this mom who loses so many cups and sippys in the car…disposable is our favorite.

If you have never seen or heard of Snackeez, they are cups with a lid and they come with a straw, and what’s really neat– the lid can hold little “snacks,” hence the name “Snackeez.”

What I like about this product is that they are a decent size, I did a comparison next to my protein bottle and they are much larger than regular kid-sized cups, they hold 12 ounces. I have a son who has to be reminded to drink water and stay hydrated, and having a “cool cup,” fixes this issue more often than not.

IMG_6841The kit comes with 10 cups, 10 lids, and 10 straws. 

Looking online the best price right now is buying this product from Wal-Mart where they sell for $9.99 and you get a 2 HERE for the link.

I noticed Amazon also sells Snackeez as well if that is a better option for you.

Hopefully this little nugget Snackeez can be as fun for your family as it is for mine!

And…next month I plan to feature this on a give-away so stay tuned!


(PS-notice how she eats just the cheese off of her cheese sandwich;)

Until next time,


Christy Lee

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