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My August book pick for you that is an easy read and very heart-warming

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My career background before I stayed home with my kids was teaching school. I taught middle school, 7th & 8th grade. I loved every minute of teaching middle school. Sure it came with it’s challenges, but I felt that this age group was so open to learn and grow.

One book I read to my homeroom class that I absolutely loved was the book entitled “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio. My students listened incredibly well to this book, and I will say I loved it too.

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If you want a book that is a great reminder about respecting others and their differences this is the book for you. It may seem like a book just for young teenagers, but I would say all adults would benefit from reading this wonderful story.

Even better, they created a wonderful movie about this book as well, so after you finish reading the book…you can have a movie night and enjoy the show!

But as we know, the book is always better right?!

Link to book HERE

Enjoy your reading!



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