A toddler learning app my kids love and enjoy!

We all know there are pros and cons to screen time. My cute toddlers can get sucked into screens for a long period of time if I let them. I try to manage their play time to keep a nice balance of hands-on play, outdoor fun, and screen time when needed.

Having my kids play learning apps on my phone/tablet help me to not feel as guilty when it comes to screen time. I still limit the amount of time spent on the tablet, however, I do appreciate that my kids are learning something!

So here is one learning app that I love because my kids enjoy it.

It’s under toddler games and the app icon looks like this:

It’s a puzzle for all sorts of vehicles that they have to put together. My little two year old is a pro at these puzzles and enjoys doing a variety of different ones. What’s fun is that at the end the trucks or vehicles are interactive. For example, the completed fire track sprays out the fire, the ice cream truck has tables set up with food, and the list goes on.

Even better– this app was free! $0

I eventually paid to unlock all the puzzles on the app but it was less than $5 to purchase the app.

So if you have kids or grandkids 5 years and under.. check out this app!

And I’m always up for getting more educational type apps.. what are your favorites ?

Until next time!

Xoxo-Christy Lee

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