5 days of gluten-free snacks/treats that you will actually want more of…

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Something I will continually post about is gluten-free food options. Why? Because I have had celiacs disease for 11 years now. Long story short, gluten free food has come aloooong way! The first few years of trying gluten-free food I felt like I was eating sugar-coated saw dust. It was a bit depressing to say the least. Thankfully, more companies have worked on improving the taste and texture of gluten-free food.

My husband eats some gluten-free with me because it makes sense rather than making separate meals for him. The nice thing about this, is my husband can tell me whether something truly does taste good..or if I have just become accustom to gluten free food!

So with that…I have 5 days of gluten free treats or snacks that I will be posting about. Share with your gluten-free friends!

Day 1: Katz Gluten Free Donut Holes

These donut holes are amazing! My husband will tell you they taste great…they aren’t quite as fluffy as regular donuts but he enjoyed them. My kids and I will devour them quickly because the texture is so close to a real donut and it just tastes sweet, fluffy and amazing. (Texture makes a HUGE difference with gluten-free food).

katz gluten free donut holesI found these donut holes at Sprouts, but I know you can also get them online.



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