A quick potty training tip that helps a bunch for parents of toddlers…

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First of all, if you are going through the potty training experience right now ….best of luck! Know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will get better and easier for your toddler DESPITE what you may think.

My son was potty trained fully this past spring. We started in October of 2018 and he could go #1 perfectly, but it took until about March of 2019 (5 months) for him NOT to be scared of going #2 on the toilet.

I had to constantly remind myself that it will come on his time, and to just keep encouraging.

My biggest tip: Be patient, praise the positive, and consistently keep trying.

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My next BIG tip: use essential oil drops in the toilet to help with the smell.

One of the harder parts of potty training for me, the mom, has been the urine smell in our bathroom.  I would sanitize and clean the bathroom thoroughly and often throughout the week…and yet I could not conquer the smell of urine.

One day I had the idea to use my lemon scented essential oil drops in the toilet…and BAMM my problem was taken care of!

I have also tried the peppermint scent and that helps the smell too.

peppermint oilI don’t use a certain brand of essential oil, the scent and brand is totally up to you.  I have been amazed that even after flushing the toilet the essential oil scent still lingers.

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Somedays I use the essential oils more than once, other days one time is enough.

So there you have it…take it or leave it but essential oil drops have been a great key to potty training not being so STINKY!

Again, best of luck on your potty training endeavors.

If anyone else has anymore potty training tips or tricks….pass them along I can always use more tips in this area.

Until next time,


Christy Lee


A toddler learning app my kids love and enjoy!

We all know there are pros and cons to screen time. My cute toddlers can get sucked into screens for a long period of time if I let them. I try to manage their play time to keep a nice balance of hands-on play, outdoor fun, and screen time when needed.

Having my kids play learning apps on my phone/tablet help me to not feel as guilty when it comes to screen time. I still limit the amount of time spent on the tablet, however, I do appreciate that my kids are learning something!

So here is one learning app that I love because my kids enjoy it.

It’s under toddler games and the app icon looks like this:

It’s a puzzle for all sorts of vehicles that they have to put together. My little two year old is a pro at these puzzles and enjoys doing a variety of different ones. What’s fun is that at the end the trucks or vehicles are interactive. For example, the completed fire track sprays out the fire, the ice cream truck has tables set up with food, and the list goes on.

Even better– this app was free! $0

I eventually paid to unlock all the puzzles on the app but it was less than $5 to purchase the app.

So if you have kids or grandkids 5 years and under.. check out this app!

And I’m always up for getting more educational type apps.. what are your favorites ?

Until next time!

Xoxo-Christy Lee


Day 4 of Gluten-free snacks/treats you’ll actually want more of…

This brand of licorice-Yum Earth, is a tasty gluten-free licorice that you’ll enjoy. I will warn you not to expect this licorice to taste like twizzlers or red vines. Yum Earth has its own flavor, but it’s tasty!

I have tried a few gluten- free licorice brands and many are chewy and have a bad texture. This brand did a great job with the texture and flavor.


Xoxo–Christy Lee


Day 3 of Gluten-free treats/snacks you will actually want more of…

                                                                      Day #3:

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 5.23.09 PMI chose Brazi Bites!

I love this gluten-free Brazilian cheese bread! I have seen it in many different grocery stores selling for under $10. They have this regular cheese flavor as well as jalapeño, pizza blend and asiago cheese.

I like the flavor and texture of this cheese bread. It is easy to prepare…takes about 20 minutes.

Great for a side or appetizer for any meal!


Day 2: Gluten-free treats/snacks you will actually want more of…

ChristyLee Pixx Gluten-free favorites!

Gluten free treat Day 2:

Of all the cookies out there that are gluten-free, my very favorite are:

Glutino Cookies Vanilla Creamglutino cookies

My toddler who is 3 years old also eats gluten free and he asks me for these cookies all the time. Even those in my family that don’t have to eat gluten free snack on these cookies.

I get these cookies at Walmart for about $4.00 but I know you can also get them online. 

More to come tomorrow…


Christy LEE


5 days of gluten-free snacks/treats that you will actually want more of…

Christy Lee Pixx Gluten-Free Favorites:

Something I will continually post about is gluten-free food options. Why? Because I have had celiacs disease for 11 years now. Long story short, gluten free food has come aloooong way! The first few years of trying gluten-free food I felt like I was eating sugar-coated saw dust. It was a bit depressing to say the least. Thankfully, more companies have worked on improving the taste and texture of gluten-free food.

My husband eats some gluten-free with me because it makes sense rather than making separate meals for him. The nice thing about this, is my husband can tell me whether something truly does taste good..or if I have just become accustom to gluten free food!

So with that…I have 5 days of gluten free treats or snacks that I will be posting about. Share with your gluten-free friends!

Day 1: Katz Gluten Free Donut Holes

These donut holes are amazing! My husband will tell you they taste great…they aren’t quite as fluffy as regular donuts but he enjoyed them. My kids and I will devour them quickly because the texture is so close to a real donut and it just tastes sweet, fluffy and amazing. (Texture makes a HUGE difference with gluten-free food).

katz gluten free donut holesI found these donut holes at Sprouts, but I know you can also get them online.



Christy Lee