What My Dad Taught Me about Love: A Lesson for All Dad’s Everywhere

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What My Dad Taught me about Love

When I think about my dad, I think about His love

He was very busy, he had multiple responsibilities,

And yet his family came first.

Never was there a ballgame where I didn’t see dad’s face in the crowd,

Even to tennis matches, where he was never sure of the scoring, he was there cheering me on. 

Music recitals I know were not his favorite.  However, dad came and listened, to sometimes unpleasant squeaking of the violin. 

When dad did chores outside, he was happy to have us kids follow along talking his ear off he was patient and kind and listened. 

When it was time to practice driving, dad bravely sat in the passenger seat and guided us kindly through our journey of being behind the wheel. 

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Dad bought gifts and flowers on Valentines….just because. 

His hugs and embrace always brought a smile to the face. 

Was he perfect….no. 

Did he raise his voice, yes, but not a whole lot, and usually…we deserved it!

When I think of my dad, I think of a man who called his 5 year old daughter to apologize for teasing her…hours after the incident happened….AND while he was at work. 

A man who holds a smile on his face with a cheerful countenance to match it. 

A man who loves my mother with all his heart. 

A man who “claims” to be average at best, though we all know better.

When I think of my dad, I think of when I called home, alone, sick, and in pain from an illness I was dealing with,

I dialed the phone at 4 am, and within a few rings dad answered,

Just hearing his voice at the other end of the line made me break down in tears, as I knew I called someone who cared. 

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And just like that, who showed up to take me to the hospital after a long drive, my dad—with mom in tow, and that comfort was unbelievable. 

When I think of my dad, I think of a man who is faithful and strong. 

Someone with great wisdom, who adores his family with all his heart. 

When I think of my dad I think of all the TIME he spent and continues to spend with us. 

Talking and sharing stories with dad is always fun, and hours could go by without even noticing. 

When I think of dad I think of Love. 

He was never too busy for his family, he was always present and made time for the little things. 

And you see, those little things are what I remember and hold onto. 

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Those little memories and moments made my childhood wonderful and grand. 

When I think of my dad, I think that he knew what a dad should be. 

A person who took the TIME to enjoy his kids presence, 

And as he always said “It’s boring around here without you kids at home.” 

When I think of my dad, I think of a happy childhood and a happy life. 

I think of all the children in the world who didn’t have that…and my heart breaks for them. 

Taking TIME to be present with your children in a positive way…that’s what my dad did. 

TIME spent with his kids brought a genuine smile to his face. And that love was so evident. 

When I think of my dad, my heart swells with love and appreciation. 

His actions were simple and may seem small, but the end result was that we as kids ALWAYS knew through his love and support, that he cared, that he loved us, and that we were important to him. 

So if you’re a dad out there today, take some tips from my dad. 

Take that TIME for your kids. Be present, and be positive. 

Your kids will notice, they will remember, and they will love you for it. 

And even more…your kids will be blessed and find that inner-peace that many kids long for from their dad. 

When I think of my dad, I think of LOVE

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TIME with your kids, is LOVING your kids. 

And the love I have for my dad, will go on and on….

Love you dad, thank you for being present in every aspect of my life!

Love xoxo

Christy Lee

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