Migraines: What triggers awful migraines and how to avoid them

If you are dealing with migraines…first of all my deepest sympathy goes out to you. My personal experience with migraines started with puberty and one thing I have learned is that hormones are one of my migraine triggers.

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I am not someone that suffers constantly from migraines, but this past year I have dealt with more migraines than I’d like to. As a mom of two young toddlers, migraines are very debilitating and it’s SOO hard to deal with them when you have young children depending on you.

After years of dealing with migraines I set out on a quest to recognize my own personal triggers. My hope is that some of these triggers may relate to you, if you or someone you know suffer from migraines. Even more, hopefully you can learn to recognize triggers and common denominators that are leading to migraines in your life.

Here is my top pixx/list of migraine triggers that I am learning to avoid as MUCH as possible.

#1- SLEEP: I have learned that my body needs sleep. No longer am I that person that can stay up past midnight and function well the next day. If I have a night of little sleep it may not be the NEXT day that I get a migraine, but within the week I can feel that migraine coming on. Bottom line, our bodies need a good night sleep to function. Granted having newborn babies and other circumstances can make consistent sleep hard, but if you are able to get 6-8 hours of sleep, your body will appreciate.

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#2- Too Much Sugar: I had a massage therapist suggest to me that my migraines may be triggered by “a rush of sugar.” This therapist had mentioned that she found she stopped getting as many migraines when she stopped eating as much sugar. You are talking to a girl that loves her sugar …and yet, I have noticed a pattern with sugar and migraines in my life. I love sour patch sour watermelons, but I did notice there was a direct correlation with eating those and getting a migraine that same week…every single time! I cut out those watermelons and it has helped A LOT!


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#3- Dehydration: I tend to get more migraines in the summer or when nursing babies. I noticed a direct correlation between not chugging water and getting migraines. I am very conscious about drinking water all day long. In fact, I drink Kangen water (alkaline water) which hydrates your body faster than regular tap water.  I have noticed a positive difference with drinking consistent  amounts of Kangen water and my migraines becoming less frequent.  Bottom line—-constantly be drinking your water and I am sure you will notice a difference!


#4- Not overdoing it– What I mean by this is don’t run faster than you need. For example, the past few recent migraines I had occurred after two days of complete restlessness in my life. I went to a theme park for an entire day, came home and planned a church activity which I did the next morning…it was 30 hours of constant on-the-go and I paid for it later!  Hence, I have learned that if I do have a busy day, then I try to take it easy the next few days. I sit down on the couch more and read or just try to do calming activities so that my body can recover.

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#5: Hormonal Changes: Women may relate to this trigger more, but for me menstrual cycles often trigger a migraine. I personally track when my cycle is for many reasons, but a big reason I track my cycles is so that I know to start taking migraine medication during my cycle so as to avoid dealing with a migraine that week.

Migraine prevention tips: Magnesium supplements. Because I have had more migraines this past year than normal, I take Magnesium every single day. 

*When I am pregnant and can’t take my migraine prescription or strong over the counter pills, my doctor recommends Magnesium 400 and Vitamin B (200) twice a day.

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Another tip-as soon as you feel the migraine coming on, I would recommend taking an excedrin migraine with a diet coke (caffeine drink). If your body doesn’t handle caffeine well this may not be for you…but my friend’s mom taught me this remedy years ago and it has helped with the migraine pain tremendously.

Go see a neurologist if you are getting migraines more than normal. Neurologists specialize in brain and head issues and they can not only provide you with a helpful prescription, but with helpful techniques to avoid headaches and migraines.

An essential oil that has helped relieve the intense pain of a migraine is peppermint oil. If you place peppermint oil on your temples or the back of your neck it’s truly helpful in taking some of that intense pain away.

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One last tip…get online and find a support group. Sometimes talking with others about triggers can help you track your own triggers. Migraines are miserable and just knowing you aren’t suffering alone is always beneficial.

Hopefully if you or someone you love struggles with migraines, you can get the relief you need. I am sure this will be a continual topic on my blog as I continue to learn more about migraines and how they work.

As always…I love tips and tricks from you. What has helped you prevent migraines? What are your triggers? Please share any tips relating to this matter.

Best of luck on staying healthy!

Until next time,






All of my top favorite fragrances that I know you’ll love….

Sometimes you just need something that smells good in your home to welcome you in the door. Or if you are like me, and you have young kids and a busy life, you sometimes just want to smell good before you head out the door. Well this post has you covered for some great fragrances that I think you’ll love to use in your home and on yourself!

Also–did you know that of all your 5 senses, your sense of smell is what can ignite the most memories? I remember learning this and it made sense. I had a chapstick as a young girl that I loved and used all the time. Many years later I smelled the scent of that chapstick and it took back to care-free life as a young girl. Have you ever had this happen with a fragrance before? (Read more about this HERE)

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Speaking of fragrances–this is a great time to post this particular topic because Bath & Body is having their Semi-Annual Sale right now. Use code SUMMERHAUL on their website for discounts.

*Note: Not all my fragrances posted are from Bath & Body

So here goes my TOP PIXX of fragrances in no particular order:

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 8.41.38 AM.png#1: Black Cherry Merlot Candle from Bath & Body– I absolutely love this scent. It’s not extremely strong and overpowering, but it’s got just enough of a fruity and smell that you will love. It also comes in candle warmer melts if that’s the route you are looking for. Click HERE to purchase.

Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 8.48.42 AM.png


#2: Kitchen Lemon Hand Soap from Bath & Body– I love this soap on my hands because it leaves my hands smelling citrusy fresh. The smell isn’t overpowering, and it’s a smell my husband likes too because it isn’t “too girly.” Click HERE to purchase.



Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 9.01.17 AM.png#3: Radiance Perfume by Britney Spears ($27.91 on Amazon). Of all the perfumes I have owned this is the one I keep coming back to. In fact, I will be ordering more because I ran out of this again. I love the scent, it’s not to strong but smells light and amazing. One spritz and you are good to go. I have gotten a lot of compliments from wearing this perfume and I actually have my mom converted over to wearing this perfume as well. Click HERE to purchase.    **Note- I have also purchased this at Kohls when I have a coupon available which helps the price. 


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 9.09.06 AM#4: Love and Sunshine hand lotion from Bath & Body- This is my very favorite hand lotion. The smell is sooo wonderful, and again not too overpowering. I use it on my hands and feet and not only do I love the smell, but I love how it smooths out my dry skin. Click HERE to purchase.


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 9.13.34 AM#5: Acqua Di Gio Mens Cologne: So this may be sentimental for me, but of all the mens cologne out there, this one is my top favorite. Let’s be honest, mens cologne all smells dreamy…unless they have too much on;) But again, if I had to chose, this one just smells great on all men. It’s not too strong, but strong enough to want to keep smelling it! Click HERE to purchase.


Screen Shot 2019-06-24 at 12.48.44 PM.png#6: Essential Oils diffuser mix: One drop each of the following-

  • Lavendar
  • Tea tree oil
  •  Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus

*My yoga instructor taught me this mixture and I absolutely love it. Breathing it in is soothing and relaxing. If you are interested in this, I found a combo on Amazon that has all of these oils included. Click HERE to purchase.


And as always…I am constantly seeking new amazing fragrances so what are YOUR favorite fragrances for your home or body?

Please share!

Until next time,


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What My Dad Taught Me about Love: A Lesson for All Dad’s Everywhere

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What My Dad Taught me about Love

When I think about my dad, I think about His love

He was very busy, he had multiple responsibilities,

And yet his family came first.

Never was there a ballgame where I didn’t see dad’s face in the crowd,

Even to tennis matches, where he was never sure of the scoring, he was there cheering me on. 

Music recitals I know were not his favorite.  However, dad came and listened, to sometimes unpleasant squeaking of the violin. 

When dad did chores outside, he was happy to have us kids follow along talking his ear off he was patient and kind and listened. 

When it was time to practice driving, dad bravely sat in the passenger seat and guided us kindly through our journey of being behind the wheel. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.45.29 PM

Dad bought gifts and flowers on Valentines….just because. 

His hugs and embrace always brought a smile to the face. 

Was he perfect….no. 

Did he raise his voice, yes, but not a whole lot, and usually…we deserved it!

When I think of my dad, I think of a man who called his 5 year old daughter to apologize for teasing her…hours after the incident happened….AND while he was at work. 

A man who holds a smile on his face with a cheerful countenance to match it. 

A man who loves my mother with all his heart. 

A man who “claims” to be average at best, though we all know better.

When I think of my dad, I think of when I called home, alone, sick, and in pain from an illness I was dealing with,

I dialed the phone at 4 am, and within a few rings dad answered,

Just hearing his voice at the other end of the line made me break down in tears, as I knew I called someone who cared. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.45.14 PM

And just like that, who showed up to take me to the hospital after a long drive, my dad—with mom in tow, and that comfort was unbelievable. 

When I think of my dad, I think of a man who is faithful and strong. 

Someone with great wisdom, who adores his family with all his heart. 

When I think of my dad I think of all the TIME he spent and continues to spend with us. 

Talking and sharing stories with dad is always fun, and hours could go by without even noticing. 

When I think of dad I think of Love. 

He was never too busy for his family, he was always present and made time for the little things. 

And you see, those little things are what I remember and hold onto. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.45.43 PM

Those little memories and moments made my childhood wonderful and grand. 

When I think of my dad, I think that he knew what a dad should be. 

A person who took the TIME to enjoy his kids presence, 

And as he always said “It’s boring around here without you kids at home.” 

When I think of my dad, I think of a happy childhood and a happy life. 

I think of all the children in the world who didn’t have that…and my heart breaks for them. 

Taking TIME to be present with your children in a positive way…that’s what my dad did. 

TIME spent with his kids brought a genuine smile to his face. And that love was so evident. 

When I think of my dad, my heart swells with love and appreciation. 

His actions were simple and may seem small, but the end result was that we as kids ALWAYS knew through his love and support, that he cared, that he loved us, and that we were important to him. 

So if you’re a dad out there today, take some tips from my dad. 

Take that TIME for your kids. Be present, and be positive. 

Your kids will notice, they will remember, and they will love you for it. 

And even more…your kids will be blessed and find that inner-peace that many kids long for from their dad. 

When I think of my dad, I think of LOVE

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 10.42.54 PM

TIME with your kids, is LOVING your kids. 

And the love I have for my dad, will go on and on….

Love you dad, thank you for being present in every aspect of my life!

Love xoxo

Christy Lee


Top Pixx For Father’s Day Gift Ideas


With Father’s Day coming up I figured it was an important time to think about what to get your favorite people in life. Whether it’s your dad or you husband or both, hopefully this list will have you covered!

For the Active Dad

pro 6 PROTEIN POWDER $44.99 with the discount code.

If the man in your life likes working-out, sports, or just wants to eat a bit healthier this protein powder is a wonderful gift! My husband and I love this protein powder because it tastes great (is not frothy) and gives you that extra push to work through your work-out. It also is a great meal replacement.

AND use code WELCOME15 for 15% off your order, Click HERE to buy.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 9.38.22 PMHEALING HEAT MUSCLE RUB $8 plus shipping

This healing heat from Moonvine organics does wonders for sore muscles of any sort. Those active dads tend to get some aches and pains and this can help them heal and feel better fast. Click HERE to buy.

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 12.14.00 PM Leupold Binoculars $99.97-199.99

Binoculars are such a great gift for the sports-loving dad, the hiking dad, hunting dad, etc. High quality binoculars make all the difference too. My dad was an avid hunter growing up and this is one of the brands he would highly recommend. Click HERE to buy.


Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 3.54.20 PMTIMBER RIDGE ZERO GRAVITY LOUNGER $69.00 in Costco stores or $99.00 online at

If your husband likes camping, or lounging in the backyard, this is a wonderful pick. That fancy drink holder and table makes this seat even more luxurious your husband will be sure to enjoy it!  If you go to Costco stores you can pick them up $30 cheaper than ordering online. To purchase this online click HERE.


Hammocks are so fun to lounge around in whether it be in your backyard or in the mountains. Plus as this price, you are getting a good quality hammock, and this set comes with everything you need to get the hammock set up — tree straps included. Dad will enjoy resting and relaxing in his new hammock! To purchase this item click HERE.

For the dad that loves backpacking, he will appreciate this ultralight stove. This stove weighs in at only 3 3/8 oz (94 grams) making it perfect for backpacking. Plus at this price, dad will love it even more! Click HERE to purchase this item.

Product image for MSR POCKETROCKET 2 for $44.95 at Moosejaw, REI, or Amazon

For a more durable stove, my husband loves this one. It costs more than the Etekcity one on Amazon, but it is built better and should last a long time.  Click HERE  to purchase this item.


Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.22.35 PM Water Filters

A water filter can be a useful and resourceful gift for dad. The Sawyer mini water filter can be purchased through Amazon or Walmart for $19.97. Click HERE to purchase this one.

If you are looking for a water filter that weighs a little more, but has a much better flow rate, purchase the Sawyer Squeeze filter on Amazon for $29.97.  Click HERE to purchase this one.


Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.32.20 PMDARN TOUGH SOCKS $15.95-$24.95 on Amazon

These socks could make the perfect gift to keep your dad feet in good shape while being active.  They are made from fine gauge Merino wool which is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial. There are lots of options, but my husbands favorite are these:

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.32.46 PM

They aren’t cheap, but they have a legit lifetime warranty!  If they ever wear out, just send them back to get a new pair.


  • No-show light cushion socks for $15.95, click HERE to purchase.
  • Hiker boot sock full cushion socks for $24.95, click HERE to purchase.



Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 4.40.25 PMBUFF $25.40 at Amazon

The Buff is a comfortable and multi-functioning headwear. The Buff is soft, warm, wind-resistant and lightweight layer made with 100% Merino wool.  There are 10 different ways to wear the Buff, which makes it highly functional for the active dad. To purchase this item click HERE.




Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.53.44 AM

For the Book-Loving Dad

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 7.57.51 AM

“THE BOYS IN THE BOAT” $13.99–$29.71

The Boys in the Boat is based on a true story. If your dad loves sports, competition and history…he will love this book! Click HERE to buy.



Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 8.03.31 AM“QB: MY LIFE BEHIND THE SPIRAL” $0.00 for kindle unlimited–$19.97 hardcover

Even if your dad isn’t a big football fan this book is still great. It talks about Steve Young’s fears and anxieties with playing football and how he built up his confidence to become one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks in history. Click HERE to buy.


Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 12.00.24 PMNEW TESTAMENT JOURNALING EDITION $59.00


If your dad is religious at all he will enjoy this Line upon line New Testament. For those that are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, there is also a Book of Mormon and Doctrine in Covenants. The book comes in all sorts of beautiful colors. I actually gave this to my husband for his birthday. Being able to write your thoughts as you ponder the scriptures truly adds new meaning to your spirituality and brings the scriptures to life. Click HERE to buy.


Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 12.10.17 PM.pngTO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD $7.19 (Amazon)

This book is a classic and one that I believe all walks of life will enjoy. It’s a great reminder as to why accepting and not judging other people is what makes a peaceful world. A book I feel everyone should own!



Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 12.10.24 PM UNBROKEN $7.97 (Amazon)

This book is based on a true story about a man’s experience before, during and after fighting in WW II. The details are incredible, and it truly captivates readers to want to learn what happens next. Will he survive? Will he forgive? It’s a wonderful read and I am sure your dad will love having this book on hand to re-read as well.


Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 12.10.44 PM THE BOOK THIEF $10.69 (Amazon)

This writer has such a creative way of developing the storyline in this book. This book captures life during Nazi occupation and how a young girl dealt with the many people she loved leaving her in different ways. It’s a great page-turner and I believe people of all ages would enjoy this book.


Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.55.38 AM

For the Dad that already buys himself whatever he needs

This is when it gets hard…when your dad already has basically everything they want or need. Thinking outside the box can be fun though, so here’s some fun ideas for that dad:

Subscriptions can be a fun idea. You can commit to yearly or monthly subscriptions..whatever your price range allows. Here are a few options:

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 10.55.31 AMJERKY OF THE MONTH CLUB $83.85 for a 3 month subscription. The nice part with this jerky is they send you 3 different kinds each month. The cheapest is to do a 3 month subscription, and who doesn’t love jerky?! Click HERE to purchase this.

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.06.51 AMPOPCORN OF THE MONTH CLUB $74.85 for a 3 month subscription. There are 3 varieties shipped every month. The popcorn uses all natural ingredients and coconut oil. Popcorn is always a tasty treat for family movie nights or for everyday snacking. Click HERE to purchase this.


Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.32.01 AM.png Kindle Unlimited Subscription $9.99 a month.  You have access to over 1 million titles and thousands of audiobooks. The best is you can use any device for this. Go to your Amazon account and click to “manage your subscription.”

Magazine subscriptions can also be fun. Find out what type of magazine your dad would enjoy and get a 6 month —a year subscription. Prices range from $9.00-$20.00 dollars for a years subscription. I received this gift once and absolutely loved it! Click HERE for magazine subscription prices through Amazon.

abundance achievement advertising bank
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Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.41.15 AMPersonalized Socks from $12.95

This could be a funny and resourceful gift for dad. He probably won’t expect it and at this’s worth it! Click HERE to purchase this item.



Head Massager–$5.95

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.45.11 AMIf your dad enjoys a good massage this simple head massager is INCREDIBLE! If you have never used one you are missing out. The price is great and it truly feels wonderful on the scalp! Click HERE to buy this item.


Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 9.15.07 AMTOUGH APPAREL $36 but they are offering 15% off discounts for Father’s Day!

These ties are wonderful because you can spill water or milk on them and they are water resistant and won’t make those awful stains. There are a variety of wonderful colors to choose from as well. I plan on getting one of these ties for my husband! Click HERE to purchase.



Gift for Dad when you are short on cash$$$

-Make him his favorite dinner

photo of vegetable salad in bowls
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-With a dry erase marker leave notes on his mirrors reminding him how much you love and appreciate him

-Surprise him by doing some of his usual household chores. Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.54.12 AM

-Take your dad on a hike

-Go fishing with dad

bay beach bicycle clouds
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-Make your dad his favorite snack or treat and let him pick out a movie to watch at home.

Ideas are endless here, because at the end of the day, it’s all about showing dad how much we love him, and you can’t put a price$$ tag on that!

Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 11.53.15 AM.png

Oh how I love MY dad and MY husband beyond measure. Let’s be real, it would take an entire post to go into detail about them…which I will at some point. But I will just say, if you are blessed with wonderful men in your life, remind them more than once a year! It truly is a blessing from God to have great men surrounding you and your family…don’t ever take it for granted!


Until next time!




Grieving….why you can’t skip the stages of grief process when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
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Have you thought much about this word? Grief.

I’ll be honest, I really had never thought much of this word before. However, lately it’s been a word on my mind not to make me sad…but to make me whole.

This may sound confusing so hang in there, I will explain.

Last November I lost one of my best friends in life. This person has been a dear friend since the 8th grade. If you have ever had one of those friends where you just don’t even have to try, you just click automatically…that would be him.

For sake of privacy I will call him Thomas. Thomas was someone I always talked to at least once a month. Yes we lived in different places and were in different points in our lives, but we always kept tabs on each other. We always picked up right where we left off, and he was always such a sweet, supportive friend to me. I remember sometimes we would just look at each other and burst into laughter, because, for whatever reason, we both had the ability to lift each other up in times of trouble.

Thomas had many struggles, especially when it came to his health.  He was very tough and worked very hard to maintain his health as much as possible. Thomas and I were both the cheerful type, but deep down we both shared moments of anxiety and depression. I also think we got along so well because of our ability to calm each others nerves and anxieties.

Bottom line, I have no doubt that God sent Thomas into my life and he has blessed my life for the better.

So you can imagine how awful it was to receive a call from another dear friend, telling me that Thomas had passed away. He was thirty-three years old, suffering with many health problems, and it took his life.

I was devastated by this news and frantically called my mother and my husband for comfort and peace. I had my two young children with me…I was out on a shopping trip and tried to maintain composure which seemed like the longest hour of my life.

As I grappled with the reality of the news of one of my best friends, I knew I needed to go through the 5 Stages of Grief. As a Health teacher, I used to teach these stages to my students.

1-Denial 2-Anger 3-Bargaining 4-Depression 5-Acceptance

For me personally, it was easy to experience Denial and Anger quite quickly. No one wants to admit that a loved one has passed on, and it’s easy to get angry about it. For me, I was angry at myself. I had texted my friend earlier that week, but I hadn’t called and I was so ANGRY at myself for not calling that one last time and I dwelled on that anger.

Something happened, after experiencing the first two stages, which were already painful…I decided I just needed to skip the rest and accept his death and try to move on. After all, my religious beliefs reminded me that he was in a better place. I believed he was happy and healthy in heaven, free from all his earthly pains. So with that thought in mind, I just tried to accept the situation and move on.

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
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HOWEVER….this didn’t work so well. I was crying at random, my little toddler boy would say “I’m sorry your friend died” all the time to me because he knew that was the issue. And I really struggled.

I believe in the power of prayer and said a prayer to God wondering how to better cope with this loss …if that’s even possible. And I knew, as I was praying that my answer was that I couldn’t skip the process. I needed to Grieve.

That meant that I needed to bargain. Maybe ask Heavenly Father for more memories of Thomas so that I could still feel his presence. I found this memory in a Marco Polo I had received a month prior from Thomas. I played that Marco Polo over and over and cried and cried. Having video of my dear friend and listening to his voice helped me deal with the loss so much better.

Depression. Yes I had to go through a state of depression because my friend meant the world to me. Thomas had met my son but not my daughter and I had plans to share so many more memories with him in this life. Having those plans cut short was devastating and it hurt. I allowed myself to cry, and knew crying would help me heal because holding it in was not working.

Acceptance. It’s amazing how you truly do come to ACCEPT a loss, but only through experiencing the other stages of grief. Trying to skip from ANGER to ACCEPTANCE was not working and it was a struggle. I knew it would hurt to hit the BARGAINING and DEPRESSION stage and I didn’t want to go there…but you have to. No skipping, pain helps heal. It’s crazy, but somehow it really does work that way.

Now here’s the part that doesn’t get easier. Yes you learn to accept that your loved one is gone in this life….but there are so many triggers and reminders of that person which is bittersweet. The world keeps turning and your heart will always hurt a little bit or even a lot, because the world goes on without that person in it.

shallow focus photography of white flower
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So I don’t believe TIME heals the loss, I think TIME helps you cope with loss. You will always remember little things and big things. Their birthday, their favorite holidays or desserts, funny stories, or you may even  think of calling them to chat and you have to remind yourself they aren’t there.

black and white photo of clocks
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Loss is hard. There’s no easy way out, and it brings us to some pretty low lows. And yet, we come out of it humbled, and grateful for the loved ones that have moved on.

SUPPORT is huge. Leaning on others and talking through your grief is so helpful. My close friends, my family, they were the key to helping me through this sad loss. I even asked some friends to pray for me so that I could handle processing things better. Just knowing that people cared and were supportive was huge.

There is always something to learn from losing a loved one. For me, it was hug those loved ones tight, call those people you care about, and remember that TIME and MEMORIES with loved ones are the best things in life.  Those memories will help you cope when loved ones pass. 

stack of love wooden blocks
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So my advice is…don’t skip the grieving. Don’t stop and fester in the ANGER stage, because you literally cannot accept the loss, until you have journeyed through the heartache of all stages of grief. 

I would also add– lean on God and your loved ones, they will guide you through this tough experience.

I will leave you with a poem I wrote for my dear friend Thomas. I couldn’t sleep one night, I was in my stage of Depression and sometimes writing is my therapy:

When the light came
When the light came, I was not scared
When the light came, I moved forward.
I saw the beauty, peace, and happiness that
awaited me there, and when the light came I went.
When the light came, I knew my time was finished here on this earth.
My past family and loved ones surrounded me, and joy encompassed my soul.
When the light came I knew that I would now be the guardian angel.
To protect my loved ones and family, and to be with them in their hearts.
When the light came I was fulfilled and I knew my life was complete.
For now, you see, the light set me free, and I know that is what was meant for me.
So do not mourn or feel heartache and sorrow, for my spirit lives on and on.
My light will now shine for you, and one day too, the light will set you free,
and when the light comes you’ll find me!
Written by: Christy Nielson Austin
November 10, 2018
Dedicated to my dear friend.
Until next time,