My Top Favorite Netflix Series and why….

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Everybody needs to have some chill time to sit back and watch a Netflix series right? Okay it may just be me, but Netflix is how I fold my laundry or prepare dinner at times. These are some of my more recent favorite Netflix shows…. what are your Netflix Favorites?

Image result for selling sunsetSelling Sunset: if you want some drama this show full of a mostly women cast can get dramatic. But to me it was eye-opening to see these Hollywood homes and how lavish and expensive they were! The lady realtors are making so much money selling all these enormous California properties..but you can see it would not be an easy task to please all their clients!
Image result for call the midwifeCall the Midwife: What I enjoy about this series is that it’s based off of a midwifes journal in England in the 1950s. I love how well this show is written because it’s suspenseful at times but also heart-warming. I would recommend not watching it around the family because it can get a bit intense with the labor scenes. What I like about this show is it really gets you thinking about all the situations people have when having children, especially back in the 1950s. All these women come from all walks of life and each story is intriguing and interesting. I am excited to see Season 8 get on Netflix!
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Street Food: This documentary on street food is fascinating! It takes place in Asia and tells the story of how street food became the way of life for many people in different countries.  Even more interesting, it shows how these people that cook the street food dedicate their entire life to cooking food for others. This documentary depicts how poor people live and how driven these people become. There is even one episode where it shows how a chef puts his life at risk cooking food and wears a gas mask to prevent further health damage. This show will not only make you appreciate street food, even more so, it will make you appreciate your everyday living experiences.

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Stay here: This series is a fun home makeover show. It brings in 2 experts, a real estate expert and a design expert, and they work together to explain to their clients why people aren’t “staying” at their air bnb. I personally learned a lot about design and real estate from this show. The best part was seeing the end result and how beautiful these once average homes became. And goodness people are making some good money renting out their homes!
Image result for marie kondoTidying up with Marie Kondo: this series was fun to watch! I’ll admit I watched it because of all the hype behind Marie Kondo’s organizing style. Watching Marie work with people was so fun and exciting. She could take the most unorganized, junk- filled room and completely de-clutter and organize the rooms to perfection. Marie Kondo has such an interesting art and routine when it comes to organizing. I’ll admit I did organize one drawer like Marie’s .. maybe one day I’ll do more !
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The Crown: I’ll confess, I just started this series but I’m really enjoying it. This show gives you a good history of the English royal family. It tells the story of the current Queen Elizabeth II and the hardships and struggles that come with being the Queen of England. I never stopped to think about how long she has been reigning and what an intense job that can be. There is of course scandal and drama thrown into the show, but it keeps things interesting. If you enjoy history, this series will suck you in and you’ll be wondering what happens next you can’t help but binge watch it!

So these are all series I have watched within the past year. There are so many shows I love that I will be adding more. But if you need something to do while folding laundry, or to just sit back and relax….I hope one of these series is something you can enjoy!
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And remember…I’d love to hear your favorite Netflix series too!
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